Netflix releases the entire “The Office” series and thrills fans!

Attention, mythical series on Netflix! The platform is indeed integrating the entire The Office series in its catalog in October!

Netflix had promised it, fans are delighted: the entire series The Office is now part of the catalog… Want to discover or rediscover this great classic of sitcoms American? MCETV explains why you shouldn’t miss it!

A great classic on demand

Because among the most famous memes on the internet, quite a few come from The Office. It must also be said that the daily life of Michael Scott at the office (hence the name, of course) is as tasty as lunar. Which gives a completely delusional series.

No headache at all, this series allows you to relax. And above all to discover another working environment. Because The Office looks like all offices … But at the same time, no office that can exist on this Earth. Fortunately.

A team of losers, an improbable series format: Netflix seeks to seduce with The Office. Because the community of fans of Michael Scott and all his band remains very large. And for good reason, season 1 puts direct in a special atmosphere.

So, you should know that the creators decided to film The Office as if it were a report. We therefore follow the characters step by step. And every now and then an interview with one of them breaks the rhythm, and make you forget that it is a series.

Fans can thus indulge themselves in listen to every justification of michael… And for good reason, he needs to explain himself. Because in the Netflix catalog, this boss looks like a UFO. As long as he is not a classic boss … Or even a sane boss.

Season 1 is thus used to encamp the characters. It thus makes it possible to understand the UFO Michael Scott, and any the galaxy of colorful characters that make up this office. With another well-established character: that of Pam, his secretary.

Netflix: 9 seasons of The Office available!

Season 1 is thus one of the favorites of the fans. Because we start to find out what The Office will unfold for 9 tasty seasons. But this first season is also criticized: the secondary characters remain too secondary.

Over time, the creators will thus exploit other personalities that you can see and see again on Netflix. We think in particular of the one we prefer to hate: Dwaight, the basic bean as endearing as it is tiring.

From Roy to Ryan via Kelly or Angela, characters as crazy as they are endearing follow one another and mix for 9 seasons. All to give the myth that The Office has managed to become over time.

Most The Office also managed to become a myth thanks to its army of fans. Netflix therefore seeks to please them, or to attract them by including the 9 seasons of the adventures of Michael Scott and his band in its catalog.

Want to get over the boredom, to laugh, or to fall into another perfectly imaginable dimension? The nine seasons of The Office are ready… But beware, the series can quickly get hooked!


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