Netflix: Leonardo DiCaprio et Jennifer Lawrence au casting d’un film !

Netflix has prepared a great Christmas present for its subscribers. This is a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, but not only!

While Netflix will soon increase its prices, on October 1, many big budget movies will land in the coming months. As evidenced by the one with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence planned for Christmas. MCE TV tells you everything A to Z!

Netflix unveils the trailer for Don’t Look Up with Leonardo DiCaprio

Netflix is ​​planning a catastrophic Christmas to say the least. Indeed, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence star in the movie Don’t Look Up. And these are not the only ones.

Yep, in this Netflix movie figure Ariana Grande, Meryl Streep, Chris Evans or even Timotée Chalamet. The latter will be showing on Dune alongside Zendaya. Just that !

Moreover, the ex-star of Shake It Up, also had the right to his heyday on Netflix. Indeed, she was therefore at the heart of the film Malcolm & Marie with John David Washington. Who is none other than the son of famous actor Denzel Washington.

Netflix does not hesitate to offer itself more and more the actors of the moment. Eh yes, by calling on big names in the cinema as Leonardo DiCaprio for his next film Don’t Look Up, the platform is sure to please its fans. Just that !

Besides, this film will be released on December 24th. Stack on Christmas Eve. Not sure everyone is on Netflix on D-Day, but this new feature should work well over the holiday season.

In the meantime, Netflix plans to release the latest episodes of the season 5 of La Casa de Papel, December 3. But also, season 4 of Cobra Kai. What not to be bored while waiting for the new year 2022.

Jennifer Lawrence pregnant with her first child

While starring in the new Netflix movie Don’t Look Up, the actress is expecting her first child. A news shared by the spokespersons of the star of Hunger Games. Indeed, Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney will soon be parents.

A great first for the couple. Moreover, he remains very discreet about their private life. Indeed, they appeared in public together only in June 2018, before getting engaged in February 2019.

Afterwards, they got married in october 2019. For the occasion, Kris Jenner, Emma Stone, Adèle and Cameron Diaz were present at their wedding.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence then arrives in a new Netflix film alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. She will then play the role of Kate Dibiasky student in astronomy. And this one will discover that a comet will touch the Earth.

And she will share this news with her teacher Dr. Randall Mindy, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Together, they then try to prevent US President played by Meryl Streep. Just that !

In short, this Netflix movie already fills a lot of the boxes. Indeed, in addition to having a crazy cast, women will not be left out. Far from there !

What to delight Jennifer Lawrence who fought for her rights during #MeToo. Yes, the actress had spoken to defend herself against the abusive treatment she was undergoing.

Besides, she had also planned to go out a docu-series on the MeToo movement but also Time’s Up. Which proves that it is a subject that touches her a lot. Just that !