Netflix launches its first video games on Android, including Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3

In order to diversify, Netflix plans to integrate mobile video games in the future. And the platform has already started to deploy certain titles in the test phase, proof that the machine is well launched.

Netflix: Stranger Things Games

The most famous of SVOD services is now rubbing shoulders with the video game industry. As announced by Bloomberg on July 14, Netflix has already recruited a former developer from Electronic Arts and Atari. A few days later, the platform confirmed that it intended to allow its subscribers to play in the future. In doing so, it plans to include a substantial video game offer in its catalog.

Concretely, Netflix will deploy mobile games in 2022 for subscribers who will be able to benefit from them at no additional cost. Significantly, the titles will not be embellished with advertisements or internal purchases. And the platform has already started its test phase with our Polish neighbors by honoring one of his most iconic series: Stranger Things. Users based in Poland can experience Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3 games in the Android app.

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Netflix: downloadable games outside of the app

By launching the installation, however, players are redirected to the Play Store where they can install the game. In other words, no title can be playable directly from the application at red N, at least for the moment. The latter is thus similar to a directory listing all the games available to subscribers. In order to run them, you must therefore start a download as you would for a classic application.

That being said, the situation could change in the future, however, as the platform has only just started its tests. “We are at an early stage and we still have a lot of work to do in the months to come, but this is our first step”, highlights Netflix Poland on Twitter. Either way, offering video games seems like a bright idea. And for good reason, this should satisfy a good number of subscribers, scalded by the increase in the prices of the various formulas of Netflix.


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