Netflix is ​​teasing its very romantic new movie “Through My Window”!

Netflix is ​​causing a stir on social media with a new post. The platform has just teased the arrival of the film, Through my window.

Good news for romantic movie lovers. Netflix has just unveiled the trailer for the latest feature film by Marçal Forès, Through my window. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

New features coming soon to Netflix

Competition is fierce in the area of ​​paid streaming. Amazon Prime, Hulu, OCS, Disney +. There are more and more platforms.

While that moviegoers sometimes don’t know where to turn. But if there is one video on demand service that seems to be unanimous, it is Netflix.

Indeed, the SVOD with red N counts more than 200 million subscribers around the world. A figure of size which proves that the latter has nothing to envy its rivals. Quite the contrary.

The reason ? The stream giant offers an incredible number of original achievements. From movies to series to cartoons and documentaries. There is something for all tastes and for all ages.

Each month, Netflix makes it a point of honor to offer extraordinary new products to its customers. And the least we can say is that November has its share of surprises.

Among the most anticipated creations: The series Arcane. A work by Riot Games which is based on the universe of League of Legends. The first 3 episodes should thus land in a few days. Either on November 7.

Aya and the witch by studio Ghilbi will go live on the 18th, while anime part 2 Masters of the Universe: Revelation should be available the next day.

Dates not to be missed and which are likely to make the happiness of the subscribers. MCE TV tells you more!

Through my window arrives in February

November will not be the only month to bring new things to Netflix. Indeed, the platform has just teaser the arrival of a brand new feature film.

It is then a question of the latest creation by Marçal Forès, Through my window. A romantic film that will be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

” For a long time, Raquel is in love with her neighbor Ares. She observes him on the sly, but never spoke to him. Will she succeed in winning his heart? “

This is therefore the synopsis posted on the video-on-demand service. On the program, a touching story. But that’s not all !

The cast of this Spanish achievement also promises to cause a sensation. Clara Galle will then slip into the skin of the heroine.

Julio Peña, for his part, will embody the love of his life. Besides, Hugo Arbués, Eric Masip, Guillermo Lasheras, Nathalie Azahara, Émilie lazo, Pilar Castro, Maria Casals and Lucie de la porte.

So many actors who should allow Netflix’s latest production to make the buzz. In any case, one thing is certain, is that the subscribers seem already impatient to discover this novelty !


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