Netflix is ​​preparing fans of the Emily in Paris series for season 2!

Emily in Paris will be back on Netflix soon for a highly anticipated second season! We’ll give you more details.

Emily in Paris fans should watch out! Their favorite series will be back on Netflix soon! In the meantime, MCE TV offers you a little recap of the first season.

Season 2 is coming to Netflix

Emily in Paris fans can’t wait to find out the new season of their favorite show! Well know that the series will be back on Netflix soon.

Indeed, in a few days, we will be able to discover the rest of the adventures of our dear Emily. The most Parisian of Americans will be back on our small screens on December 22. It’s Christmas before its time!

The streaming platform has also announced the good news to fans on social networks. Besides, Netflix doesn’t do things by halves. Indeed, the official account of the platform offers a small recap to subscribers to refresh your memory.

“We needed a recap of season 1 of Emily in Paris, to be ready for season 2 on December 22! “ could we read in the caption of the Instagram post. And as much to say that the fans seemed more than delighted to review a recap of the first season.

Other fans, meanwhile, have found a better idea to dive back into the world of Emily in Paris. Indeed, many of them admit that they would be ready to review the entire first season while waiting for the news. Why settle for a recap of a few minutes when we can review the whole season?

In any case, we suggest you review the highlights of season 1. Until season 2 is available on Netflix!

Netflix is ​​preparing fans of the Emily in Paris series for season 2!

Emily in Paris season 1

On October 2, 2020, Netflix subscribers discovered the arrival of a young American who will turn their lives upside down. Emily has just put her bags at Paris to start a new life.

We then discover a young woman overflowing with energy who tries, as best she can, to find her place in French society. Emily first runs into the language barrier! The young American does not speak a word of French.

But that will not prevent him from living a life at a thousand miles an hour in the French capital. In the Netflix series, the young woman seems more fulfilled than ever. It is done elsewhere a friend in the park, Mindy. With whom she becomes very close.

Then meets her charming neighbor, Gabriel. The young woman is under the spell. But the latter is in a relationship with Camille. Throughout the episodes, Emily navigates between French love and his professional life.

The new season which arrives in a few days on Netflix promises us many twists and turns. Moreover, the arrival of a new character, Alfie, risk of making sparks! Eh yes…

In season 2, she is more anchored, because she begins to acclimatize. She thirsts for work and to find peace in the situation with Gabriel and Camille. “ tease young actress Lily Collins. See you on December 22 on Netflix for season 2 of Emily in Paris! We look forward.


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