Netflix is ​​preparing a spin-off of “La Casa de Papel” focused on Berlin!

“La Casa de Papel”, it’s not over. The Netflix streaming platform has planned a spin-off on one of the series’ key characters.

Netflix has just announced the release of a spin-off, essentially centered on one of the characters from The Money Heist. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Berlin will return even after the last season of The Money Heist on Netflix

As you probably know, the last season of “La Casa de Papel” will be released on Netflix on Friday December 3. While most viewers are eager to find out what the directors have in store for them, they don’t have can’t wait to end the series. Indeed, there is a good chance that this will be the last part.

But do not panic. The streaming platform knows how to console big fans. First of all, you should know thata korean version will also be released on Netflix. This will be an opportunity to find actor Park Hae-Soo on the screen.

As a reminder, the latter played Cho Sang-woo in Squid Game. If it may be strange at first glance, it won’t be uninteresting.

And that’s not all. Netflix just announced another big news. A spin-off is currently in the works. Yes, yes, you heard very well. This famous spin-off will focus on the life and journey of Berlin, one of the main characters of the series. Yes, yes, you heard right. It’s so cool, don’t you think?

No other details have been revealed, except that the spin-off will land in 2023 on Netflix. Fans can hope find other characters The Money Heist such as Bogota, Lisbon, Denver, Helsinki. MCE TV tells you more about it, in the rest of its article.

Internet users reacted en masse

Many Internet users reacted to this announcement from Netflix. Some do not understand the decision of the platform. And they didn’t no secret to let it be known.

“Why… It was such a good show… Just let it end, no need to continue it just because it is successful. The more seasons/movies, the worse the franchise. », commented a first Internet user.

“You canceled Sense8, The OA and Altered Carbon, three of your smartest and most heartfelt shows, and you continue to produce them one that should have stopped years ago. », exclaimed second.

Of course, other Internet users have been more lenient with Netflix.” Why not ! If you have a good story, do it. », « It’s a good idea, we’ve got something! », can we also read.

Some netizens were content toexpress their love for Berlin : “That’s why I want to hear that Pedro is the best character!” », « I believe in the Berlin Supremacy! “, “Because Berlin is a great character and he is very well played. “. Well then, Berlin is very popular!

And you, do you think Netflix was right to imagine a spin-off for the Berlin character in The Money Heist ? At MCE TV in any case, we can’t wait to see what this will give. However, we will have to be patient.


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