Netflix is ​​finally releasing its “Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts” series!

To the delight of users, Netflix unveils its new Italian series “Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts”!

Did you expect it? She finally arrives! In this Wednesday, October 27, 2021, Astrological guide for the broken-hearted invites itself on Netflix. A new Italian series to be enjoyed without moderation. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A new Italian series

Netflix is ​​now welcoming a whole new italian series mixing humor, love and astrology! Yes, you did hear it.

What to make the happiness of those who let themselves be guided by the stars. You will understand, it is therefore about Astrological guide for the broken-hearted.

“Based on the novel by Silvia Zucca, [la série décrit] Alice’s story who finds himself having to question his personal and professional life ”, describes the American giant.

“Lucky for her, Tio arrives in his life and offers him the solution to all his worldly torments: astrology ”, he continues then.

“Not the one we peddle in the newspapers, adds video on demand platform. Most a ‘real’ reading of the stars, which exists to guide us through the emotional vagaries of life. “

“Strangely, the astral affinity does not prevent him from living a series of bad dates, can we then read. Embarrassing misunderstandings and awkward surprises. “

Original Netflix creation, Astrological guide for the broken-hearted is added to the long list of Italian productions.

Among them, we can in particular mention Baby, Suburra, or 56K generation. Real nuggets to discover as soon as possible!

In the casting of this new romantic comedy, we find Claudia Gusmano. The young Italian actress plays the main character.

Michele Rosselio plays the role of Davide, while Lorenzo Adorni finds himself in Tio’s shoes. On adore !

For the time being, the series has six episodes. Each of them is named after an astro sign. There is therefore a good chance that six more will emerge very soon!

MCE TV tells you more.

Netflix is ​​finally releasing its “Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts” series!

The latest Netflix phenomenon

And Astrological guide for the broken-hearted could appeal to a large number of people, there is very little chance that it will dethrone the latest Netflix phenomenon.

You will probably understand, so this is about the very popular Korean series Squid Game. Impossible to miss !

Release September 17, 2021 on the video on demand platform, she quickly got everyone to agree. It must be said that its director did not do things by halves …

Here, Hwang Dong-hyeok is directing a group of individuals all more in debt as each other. In the hope of getting off on the right foot, they then agree to participate in a large-scale game.

However, no one knows the rules… The 456 participants only know that there can be no only one winner.

Every day for a week, they must thus take part in trials evoking the games of our childhood. We find marbles, tug of war, but also the “one, two, three, sun”.

Most, it is better to avoid being eliminated … The consequences can be dramatic! We let you discover the new original Netflix series.


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