Netflix finally unveils the creepy trailer for You season 3!

Netflix unveils a new trailer for season 3 of the series You! Attention … guaranteed thrills! We tell you more.

Netflix unveils new trailer from his series You, season 3! MCE TV tells you more.

You, back on Netflix soon

You is one of the most significant series in the streaming giant’s catalog. Indeed, since its first broadcast in September 2018, the Netflix series has marked everyone’s minds.

So much so that this year, it is back for a highly anticipated 3rd season! Moreover, the Netflix Instagram account has just unveiled a new trailer for season 3 which is coming soon. And the least we can sayis that the series is still so creepy.

This Friday, September 17, to end the week well, the streaming platform has therefore made a nice gift to fans of the series. They were indeed able to discover a trailer for the creepy new series.

“Never in my life have I had as little as this moment. “ It is with this sentence from Joe that the video extract begins. And if Joe is scared then we are not really serene.

Remember at the end of season 2, the young man and his sweetheart, Love, had moved into a lovely house in the suburbs. The two lovers seemed to want to start a new quiet family life.

Besides, Love was pregnant. Thus, season 3 begins on the young woman giving birth to their first child. And it is this moment that terrifies our hero. The young man is indeed afraid of his new role of dad. Can we blame him?

Netflix finally unveils the creepy trailer for You season 3!

What to expect ?

The new season of the Netflix series therefore promises to impress us. After a first trailer which mainly teased the arrival of little Henry in the family, this second unveiled yesterday on Instagram is much creepier.

Indeed, the short extract published by Netflix France on Instagram reveals that many twists are to be expected. What if you thought the new role of dad was going to calm the follies? of our psychopath, it is bad to know him.

“Since you’ve been here, I’m not the same” Joe said to his baby. Of course, fatherhood has changed him, but has he become a better man for all that? Not so sure.

“For you I moved to a chic suburb without a soul” says the young dad. And indeed, with his darling, they decided to leave town to settle in a quieter setting.

But this new entourage risk of being full of temptations for the young man. We can imagine that he will have a hard time adapting to this chic and worldly family life.

Very quickly, the young man will find a new hobby which will occupy it for a long time. Which is not likely to please his darling Love.

Blood, murders, secrets and temptations … the new season 3 of You may be very intense. While waiting for it to be available on the streaming platform on October 15, we invite you to watch this disturbing new trailer!