Netflix: bad news, subscription prices increase in France

French Netflix users have plenty to look down on. The prices of all of its subscriptions are about to increase in France. An increase which will also be effective from this Thursday for new subscribers.

Netflix (royalty-free image)

In France, the last price increase for Netflix offers dates back to 2019. Since then, French subscribers had been spared. But a financial consultancy company anticipated an increase in the price of Netflix subscriptions in Europe in January. And it is clear that she had a hollow nose. As revealed by Le Journal du Net, the famous red N platform has increased the price of its three packages. You read correctly, even the Essential offer, which had never been increased in France until now, is concerned.

Concretely, the Essential package goes from 7.99 to 8.99 euros (one screen and no high definition). In addition, the Standard package (two screens, Full HD) now costs 13.49 euros per month (against 11.99 euros previously). Finally the Premium offer (four screens, Ultra HD) goes from 15.99 to 17.99 euros per month. This price change is topical as of this Thursday for newcomers. It will apply to people already subscribed within several weeks.

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Netflix: here’s why the service is increasing its prices

While Netflix is ​​threatened by competition from Disney + and the like, the service faces several contingencies. After the pandemic, a period during which he financed and acquired less content, 2021 promises to be a year of rebound. Netflix intends to put $ 17 billion on the table, a sum that must therefore be amortized by increasing the prices of subscriptions.

Furthermore, the growth in the number of subscribers to the platform is not in good shape. Worse, Netflix lost 430,000 subscribers across the Atlantic during the second quarter of the current year. What is more, it expects not to attract more than 3.5 million new customers in the third quarter of 2021. And this even as the market was counting on 5.5 million new entrants. Raising prices would therefore make it possible to mitigate the effects of this sluggish growth.



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