Netflix and Disney + are responsible for hacking, according to this group of hackers

It is a problem which remains major in France. According to a study conducted by Hadopi, the pirating of audiovisual and sports content cost the players concerned 1.03 billion euros in 2019. Concretely, 9% of the global market of 11.6 billion euros is thus going up in smoke.

The famous peer-to-peer distribution group, Evo, known for many leaks of films and major screenplays that have tormented Hollywood in recent years, spoke to our colleagues in TorrentFreak.

“If the studios cared about the consumer, there would be less piracy”

This collective is the bête noire of the film industry, and according to the specialized site, the beneficiaries are trying everything to find them, without success so far. However, it is relatively easy to reach them since a contact address is made available to the public.

Evo first explains that what motivates its activity is not money: “ We don’t get any profit from this hobby, we do it for fun. We know that we are helping a lot of people who cannot afford to go to the movies or when it is not even possible because of the Covid, because the world is not the way it used to be. »

Hackers are becoming even more vocal about the fragmented offering of streaming platforms:

Maybe if the studios cared a little more about the consumer, there wouldn’t be a lot of piracy on the internet. But they don’t care anymore, what matters is profit, profit and profit. If you are an average person these days, basically either you are rich or you are losing out across the board. It’s Disney +, it’s Netflix, it’s Prime, it’s Paramount +. God knows what they’re going to come up with yet.

In fact, Evo points to a very real problem. While platforms were presented in their early days as a solution to piracy, it is now becoming very complicated to subscribe to each of them. Consequently, access to culture is hampered by the multiplication of offers.



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