Netflix: Ana de Armas’ incredible transformation for “Blonde”!

Actress Ana de Armas transforms into Marilyn Monroe for Netflix’s Blonde movie! We tell you more.

Unrecognizable Ana de Armas! The actress transforms into Marilyn Monroe for the Netflix movie “Blonde” ! MCE TV gives you more details.

“Blonde”, soon on Netflix

This is one of the most anticipated films! After 3 years of vagueness, Netflix has fixed a date for the release of the film “Blonde”. Finally !

Subscribers to the streaming platform therefore have an appointment on September 23. For the release of this feature film which traces the life of the iconic Marilyn Monroe. And this is the actress Ana de Armas who was chosen to play the role of this star of American culture. Eh yes !

The Spanish-Cuban artist was revealed to the general public in the latest film James Bond, Dying Can Wait. Netflix unveiled the first images of his new film Blonde. An opportunity to discover the young woman in the skin of Marilyn Monroe.

Become blonde to embody the character, Ana de Armas is unrecognizable! An incredible work of transformation that almost makes us believe that this is the real Hollywood actress. Bluffing!

The new Netflix film therefore tells us the story of Marilyn Monroe. Director Andrew Dominik offers us here a intimate immersion in the life of the pretty blonde. Eh yes.

Exit then the glamorous side that melted a whole generation. We therefore discover a new facet of the life of the American star. The purpose of this project being to show Norma Jean Mortenson, in a more real setting, his everyday life. Just that.

Marilyn Monroe self-told

The director of Blonde, which will be released on Netflix next school year had a very clear vision. “Andrew Dominik’s ambition was very clear from the start. Staging the journey of Marilyn Monroe. By adopting her point of view. » therefore explains the actress Ana de Armas.

“Andrew wanted fans to not only understand how Marilyn felt as a star. But also as Norma Jeane. she added.

“I found that to be the most courageous approach. The most uninhibited. And the most feminist on the trajectory of this woman that I have ever seen. » congratulates the young actress. But these clear-cut biases scared Netflix executives. This is why the latter took 3 years before deciding, finally, to reveal Blonde.

Even before its broadcast on the streaming platform, “Blonde” is already causing some controversy. It’s also because of uninhibited intimate scenes. Eh yes.

The Los Gatos firm has also decided to ban the film for those under 17. “Blonde” was almost unveiled during the last edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

But Netflix would have refused the release of the film. And that was a definite no! Eh yes !

The film will therefore have had a real obstacle course before ending up on our small screens. Alongside actress Ana de Armas, we will find also the essential Adrien Brody. The latter will play playwright Arthur Miller.

Sara Paxton and Julianne Nicholson. Or Rebecca Wisocky and Xavier Samuel are also part of the cast. So see you on September 23 on Netflix! We look forward.


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