Netflix: all these series that you should not miss in August!

“Sandman”, “My first times”, “Locke & Key”… here are all the series that absolutely must not be missed on Netflix in August!

After a month of July marked by the arrival of the series Resident Evil, Netflix subscribers will be entitled to a month of August rich in novelties. On the series side, you should not miss out on this new content. MCE TV tells you everything!

These Netflix series not to miss in August

From August 5, millions of Netflix subscribers will be able to discover the new phenomenon series of the month of August: Sandman. Adapted from a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman, the fiction highlights a cosmic being who controls dreams until the day he is captured.

He was held prisoner for many years. Once released, he will have to travel through different timelines and to different worlds in order to repair the chaos caused in his absence.

In the cast of Sandman, we find Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Jenna Coleman, David Thewlis or even Boyd Holdbrook.

In a completely different register, the third and final season of Locke & Key lands August 10 on Netflix. The final episodes will pick up directly after the events of season 2.

Just when the Locke kids thought they could take a break, Eden had other plans. Using the Echo Key, she brought back Captain Frederick Gideon and the latter plans revenge on the Locke family.

Nina, who is able to remember everything thanks to the memory key, will upset the family dynamics, as Tyler’s 18th birthday approaches. There is little time left for him to remember magic and help his family against this new threat.

My first times, season 3

Other news for August

A new French series will make its debut on Wednesday August 3 on Netflix: Endless Night. Directed by David Perrault, the fantastic fiction highlights Eva, a lonely 17-year-old girl and a group of teenagers, who consume Icelotropine.

A drug they stole from a sleep disorder clinic. This blue pill allows them to dive into journeys, between dream and reality.

As Eva joins the gang thanks to Sébastien, one of the teenagers, their dreams quickly turn into nightmares. And the border with reality is very fine. Sébastien will then find himself captive to a labyrinthine dream to which only Eva seems to have the key.

fans of the series my first times will be happy to find Devi from August 12 on Netflix. The series will resume at the end of season 2. The heroine seemed happy because of the choice she had to make between Ben and Paxton.

According to series co-creator Lang Fisher, this season will explore the challenges Devi entails dating one of high school’s most popular students.


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