Netflix: all these manga and anime soon to be adapted into live action!

Netflix is ​​preparing many surprises for us. The platform is preparing for the adaptation of other manga and anime in live action after “Hellbound”.

Whereas Cowboy Bebop and Hellbound landed on Netflix, other manga and anime will be adapted soon on the platform. MCE TV reveals everything!

Other Netflix adaptations

This is not Netflix’s first attempt at adapting manga and anime. Since November 19, subscribers can discover the first seasons of Cowboy Bebop and Hellbound.

Good that Cowboy Bebop has had mixed reviews, this does not prevent the platform from continuing to create manga and anime… On the contrary, it has other surprises in store for us. Just that !

Netflix prepares for the production ofAvatar the Last Airbender. The anime follows the adventures of Aang, the last member of the clan, the Air Nomads. Able to control the wind, its mission is to become the Avatar, a being capable of mastering all the elements.

And yet, fans of the anime fear a new adaptation after the fiasco of the feature film released in 2010.

In 2022, Netflix subscribers will then be able to discover the series adapted from One Piece, with the following cast. Mexican actor Iñaki Godoy will play the hero, Monkey D. Luffy.

At his side, Emily Rudd (Nami), Jacob Romero Gibson (Usopp), Taz Skylar (Sanji) and Mackenyu (Zoro). With Steven Maeda at the helm, the platform has not announced any release date for the moment.

Additionally, the streaming service would prepare an adaptation of Pokémon. Subscribers will then be able to discover the adventures of Sacha and Pikachu.

While waiting for all these adaptations, it is possible to discover the first season ofArcane, consisting of nine episodes.

A new season for Arcane ?

Since November 7, it is possible to watch a series inspired by the game League of Legends. Given the success of the first season, is it possible that there will be another season? MCE TV tells you more!

The official synopsis posted on Netflix is ​​as follows: “Discover the new animated series from the creators of League of Legends, which looks back at the origins of two champions of the game… and the force that will separate them”.

Consisting of nine episodes, the series unveiled three on November 6. Three others on November 13 and the last three on November 20.

For the soundtrack, the studio then called on the group Imagine Dragons. As a true fan of the game, they could not refuse the offer. MCE TV tells you more.

What’s more, they have already collaborated with the Riot Game studio, the origin of the series Arcane on Netflix. « Imagine Dragons, they are real fans of the game. Moreover, we had already worked with them in 2018 on the occasion of the world championship from League of Legends […] So they agreed to collaborate on the series, because they are true fans of the game ».


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