Netflix again pursued by the royal family for “The Crown”!

According to several rumors, it seems that the royal family has made inquiries to file a complaint against Netflix because of The Crown!

A few years ago, Netflix released their new series “The Crown”. And the least we can say is that she was a real hit with the fans. A little less, on the other hand, with the royal family who could file a complaint.

A season 5 that worries the royal family

It seems that Netflix is ​​in turmoil because of “The Crown”. Indeed, close friends of the royal family would have decided to inquire with the Queen’s lawyers. The reason ?

They reportedly intend to sue Netflix. According to Allo Ciné, the royal family have decided to intervene now for a very good reason. The platform should fairly sensitive topics in season 5.

Our colleagues mentioned: “The famous” annus horribilis “of the Queen in 1992. The divorce of Charles. And Diana and the fallout from Lady Di’s death in 1997« . Close family friends are said to be worried about acting.

The Queen’s lawyers have also revealed that they have all the rights to file a complaint. A source told The Sun media: “The friends of the royal family have asked for legal advice«

Before adding on this possible complaint against Netflix: “The advice they received would also apply to the royal family. While this is not a direct legal opinion given to The Queen and her family, they have been informed of this notice« .

As a reminder, the platform is filming the new season throughout the United Kingdom. The latter should also see the light of day in several months, namely November 2022. There is no exact date at the moment.

Netflix sued again by the royal family for "The Crown" !

Netflix in turmoil

As Allo Ciné indicates, there should also be the broadcast of Martin Bashir’s interview in 1995 with Prince William in season 5 of The Crown on Netflix. The latter would have asked that no one is broadcasting this interview, depending on the media.

A source said on the new season of “The Crown” (Netflix): “This season will be the most controversial of all time. It deals with events that are still incredibly raw for many« .

Before listening: “From a quite disturbing way, a lot of people, especially Americans, seem to think that this is indeed a documentary. And much of the drama was not exactly flattering from a royal point of view ”.

The source still balanced: “But these are real people. And many are still alive ”. For now, no one knows if the royal family is really going take legal action against Netflix.

For those who have not seen The Crown on Netflix, the latter tells the following facts: “The series is focuses on Queen Elizabeth II. Then 25 years old, she has the inordinate task of leading the most famous monarchy in the world ”.

“All while forging a relationship with the legendary Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. The British Empire is in decline. the political world in turmoil. A young woman then ascends the throne. And this, at the dawn of a new era ”.

The series has also gathered thousands of fans around the world. It remains to be seen whether season 5 will be at the height of their expectations !


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