Netflix: a wedding planned in the series My first times season 4!

Netflix subscribers are over the moon. Season 4 of My first times is being prepared and it already promises to be explosive.

Netflix series fans my first times will be delighted to learn that the next episodes promise to be rich in twists and turns. Indeed, a wedding is indeed planned in season 4. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Warning, the following article may contain SPOILERS!

Netflix in turmoil

Since its debut on the streaming market, Netflix has been unanimous. But if the video on demand service created by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph is number one in its field, that does not prevent it from going through a difficult period.

In fact, the share price of the platform falls on the stock market since a few months. And this, in a dizzying way. Very bad news for the American company.

On Twitter, the “Infos Françaises” account also explained: “For the first time in ten years, Netflix has lost subscribers, with 200,000 fewer subscribers worldwide in the 1st quarter of 2022. The streaming giant’s stock is currently down 37% on Wall Street, the New York, lowest since January 2018.”

A hard blow… The future of Netflix is ​​therefore in danger. Especially since SVOD has to face increasingly tough competition. Eh yes ! The platforms have been multiplying for several years. So that between Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Jump, HBO and other OCS, moviegoers sometimes don’t know where to turn.

The choice then falls on the least expensive offer. Interviewed by our colleagues from Europe 1, a Netflix user recently confided in this issue:

“Frankly, I understand people who unsubscribe, I totally understand because it’s already expensive and there are plenty of platforms that offer more diversified content. In the end, it costs less so the choice is quickly made”.

Netflix therefore has something to worry about. To go up the slope, the streaming giant has therefore taken the decision to launch an offer with advertising. Which may not please subscribers… MCE TV tells you more!

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My first times back soon

And Netflix is ​​facing some difficulties, this does not prevent the SVOD from giving their all for their customers. Thus, a whole new season of My first times should soon land on the platform.

In any case, this seems to indicate a video posted on the official Instagram account of the streaming giant. In the latter, we learn in particular that Paxton will be back.

Good news for all fans of the Sherman Oaks High hunk. But beware. He could be upstaged by a brand newcomer.

In effect, Michael Cimino will definitely join high school from Devi. An arrival that promises to cause a sensation in the Netflix series.

And to finish, a wedding should take place. For the moment, everything is still very vague about this happy event. Case to follow then… And very closely!


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