Netflix: 10 horror movies to shiver with fear in front of the screen

Netflix has a host of horror films in its catalog. And some are a must-watch if you are a fan of horror. Discover our selection.

The best horror movies on Netflix

The most successful horror films have the ability to totally immerse us in a dreadful universe. Some play on the fiber of the unknown by unfolding a plot where evil is suggested for most of the film before coming to light. Others are particularly gory by portraying bloodthirsty antagonists.

Watching a horror film is a good way to disconnect from your daily life by letting yourself be caught up in a horrific story. Besides the strong emotions that you will feel in front of your screen, this cinematographic genre is suitable for decompressing and putting your worries aside. And for good reason, your attention will be focused on the terrible actions of the spirit or the evil being rampant in the feature film. Enough to put your problems aside for the time of viewing.

Obviously, not everyone is keen on horror films, with some having difficulty distinguishing between fact and fiction. For amateurs, know that Netflix offers a wide variety of horror content in its catalog. The platform recently unveiled The Seventh Day, a disturbing exorcism story. But there are obviously plenty of others to (re) discover. Here is our selection.

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Best Horror Movies on Netflix: Our Pick

Conjuring: The Warren Files

The first offshoot of the Conjuring cinematic universe, this film manages to strain our nerves by skillfully distilling angst throughout the story. Two demon hunters named Ed and Lorraine Warren are called in to the rescue. A family lives in the most extreme fear due to the occurrence of paranormal phenomena in their home in Rhode Island. In question, the demonic spirit of a witch who would have committed suicide near the house a hundred years ago after having killed her child. And who is now trying to possess the members of the poor Perron family …


It is a huge classic of psychological horror cinema not to be missed. Directed by Kubrick and based on a story by horror master Stephen King, Shining stars Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance. A writer lacking inspiration, he landed a job as a caretaker in an isolated hotel during the winter period. He then takes possession of the premises with his wife and son Danny. Possessing a gift of medium, this one is beset more and more by visions of horror. For his part, Jack uncovers the horrible secrets of the hotel and sinks into utter decadence. To the point of wanting to murder his own family.


A director in distress, Aaron goes to an isolated chalet for a very special job. A certain Josef hired him to film his last moments. And for good reason, he suffers from a brain tumor and will not stay alive long enough to see the birth of his child. Josef wants to leave him a memory on video. But gradually, Aaron realizes that his employer is not completely clear. He tells him in particular that he raped his wife Angela. Taking fright, he then tries to flee but his car keys are nowhere to be found. And he finally learns over the phone that Angela is none other than Josef’s sister. Which strongly recommends him to take the scampering.

Not a sound

Maddie is a writer who has the distinction of being deaf and mute. Out of inspiration, she moved to an isolated house in the hope of finding the creative flame again. However, she does not suspect that an evil individual is prowling near her home. Dressed in a mask, the latter is none other than a demented killer who seeks to assassinate him. Noting her handicap, the murderer will then play with her to make her panic. The fact that the heroine cannot speak or hear anything makes this Mike Flanagan film particularly scary.

The ritual

Directed by David Bruckner, The Ritual tells the story of five old friends who are looking for a place to go on vacation. Robert suggests a hike on the Kungsleden, a Swedish trail. But as he leaves for alcohol, he finds himself embroiled in a robbery and loses his life. A few months later, the troop still decided to follow the recommendation of their deceased friend and set off for the hike. Prowling in the forest, a horrible creature will make them live a real hell …


Directed by Andrés Muschietti, It’s an adaptation of Stephen King’s eponymous classic Roman. If you have a panicked fear of clowns, however, we advise you to go your way. The film tells about the misadventures of the Club des Ratés, which brings together several teenagers who have been harassed at school. All of them would have already been confronted with a terrible shapeshifter predator they nicknamed “That”. Taking on the appearance of a clown to more easily attract children, this creature emerges from the sewers every 27 years in search of fresh meat.

Chucky, the blood doll

After the demonic clown, why not immerse yourself in the terrifying world of a possessed doll? Netflix offers several Chucky films including Chucky, the Blood Doll, the second installment of the horror series. Here is the pitch. While Chucky has been taken out of harm’s way, Andy is sent to foster care, his mother being interned in a mental hospital. But during this time, the inert body of Chucky is recovered by the makers of the Brave Guys dolls who decide to re-type it. Enough to breathe new life into the creature, still determined to take possession of Andy’s body.

Friday 13

We are in June 1980, on the night of Friday the 13th. Jason witnesses the beheading of his mother Pamela who suffers from dementia. The young boy runs away and wanders through the Crystal Lake area. While everyone thinks he’s dead, Jason grows extremely powerful over the years, developing a true murderous rage. Twenty years later, some teenagers choose to camp near the lake for a weekend. What to bait the bloodthirsty boy …

Don’t Breathe: House of Darkness

Rocky, Alex and Money are burglars who earn their money by selling the items they steal. But the sums they pocket are still too paltry in Rocky’s eyes. Which wants to leave Detroit with her little sister to settle in Los Angeles, far from their obnoxious mother and their drunken stepfather. With her acolytes, she learns one day that a blind soldier has touched a real booty of 300,000 dollars. They decide to rob it. Except that the operation turns out to be much more perilous than expected …


Halfway between a thriller and a horror film, 1922 might just chill you with dread. This is yet another adaptation of a Stephen King story that we no longer present. Wilfred has a happy life on his farm. Problem, his wife wants at all costs to sell the land to go live in town. Devastated, Wilfred manages to recruit his son into his murderous business. Convinced that this is the only way to keep his land, he kills his partner in the middle of the night. Then father and son throw the body into the well. But the memory of his wife will constantly haunt him afterwards, the rats especially starting to swarm in the bowels of the house.


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