NASA joins the Pentagon in its hunt for aliens

Remember the Pentagon releasing videos and other documents of unidentified flying objects? It turns out that the case is far from an anecdote and that the American government is seeking to organize new ways of investigating to bring these phenomena to light – and confirm by A+B that they are indeed extra-terrestrials, or of a mysterious species which would coexist with us without our knowledge… or the result of still unexplained physical phenomena.

The Pentagon has also revealed that over the past twenty years, there have been more and more reports of unexplained phenomena, without anyone being able at this stage to give a definitive explanation on the substance, or on the real nature of these observations. And it is in this context that NASA decided to take an interest in the subject, by setting up a team of dedicated investigators with a budget (albeit modest) of 100,000 dollars. This team will be led by l’agent Mulder astrophysicist David Spergel.

NASA to investigate Pentagon UFO reports for 9 months

Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator at NASA, explains to the press that the goal of the initiative is to gather existing data, define and collect missing data, define suitable collection methods, and develop new tools that can be used to collect new evidence. The investigation will last about 9 months and will end with a report which will of course be made public.

The administrator says he is at this stage unable to say whether or not these observations are really the result of extraterrestrial technologies. But for him what matters is to show that we can “de-stigmatize the subject” by applying the scientific method to the search for an explanation. It could also be in the end that the truth “be somewhere else”.

Thomas Zurbuchen points out, among other things, that “there have been many cases where something appearing almost magical has turned out to be a new scientific effect”. It remains indeed entirely possible that these “objects” moving at an unreal speed are indeed simply the physical manifestation of something yet to be discovered.

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More generally, NASA has long been a pioneer on the subject of extraterrestrial life. Recent missions to Mars, for example, all have modules on board to analyze samples in search of traces of life. However, this is the first time that the agency has launched a search for extra-terrestrial life… on Earth.


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