Nabilla will participate in the next season of Dance with the stars?

As the Dance with the Stars season has just ended, the casting of the next season turlupine already ! Will Nabilla be there? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The end of Dancing with the stars?

Yesterday, viewers attended the final of Dancing with the Stars. It is ultimately Tayc who won this edition. You have to say that he has done flawlessly since his beginnings!

A great pride also for Fauve, his dance partner with whom he has forged a real bond. The singer therefore won the final of the TF1 show against Bilal Hassani, with 56% of the public’s votes.

The latter also had a very good run. Ithe same shone during the evening. The choice was therefore very difficult: “ We have rarely had two couples at such a level of performance ”Said Chris Marques.

If the season is finally over, the broadcast of the next edition is already questioning. And for good reason ! A few months ago, an anonymous source who works for TF1 has therefore made great revelations.

She therefore declared to our colleagues at Le Parisien that he would no longer have a Dance season with the stars: ” This is the last chance season. Si don’t go back, it’s over« .

This year, 4 million viewers were present every Friday evening. A great source of pride for Rémi Faure, director of flow programs for the TF1 group.

“This is our second best historic season and the strongest on the youngsters. We even extended the show, which is extremely rare. She was due to stop on November 12« .

The 12th season is therefore planned: ” It is not yet signed but it will be He concluded.

Nabilla in the next season on TF1?

So inevitably, the casting of the next season of Dance with the stars has something to worry about. After Shy’m, Tayc, Rayane Bensetti, Matt Pokora… What will be the next stars of the show?

According to hallway noises, Nabilla could well be there! If you noticed it during this last premium of Dance with the stars, she was present on the show.

Eh yes ! She made an appearance with her husband Thomas, while Camille Combal addressed viewers. She got fanotice it by responding to the presenter’s words : “Well yes, how do we vote? ”

So is this a sign of his presence in the next season? For Internet users, this is very likely ! We can therefore read on Twitter: ” Nabilla in the DALS audience for sure it’s the teasing for next season “

“Me, I want to see Nabilla in the next season of Dance with the stars, TF1 ‘Do you receive me?’ “,” Nabilla we want to see you in the next season “,” Nabilla I would see her doing too much dance with the stars “…

So Nabillwill she respond to the request of her fans ? It is therefore a case to follow on MCE TV!


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