Nabilla very nostalgic for her wedding day with Thomas Vergara!

Nabila had an extraordinary wedding last July, from the location to the ceremony marred by a burglary. She posts a nostalgic cliché!

Nabilla was entitled on July 6 to a real princess wedding. With his darling Thomas Vergara who is also the father of their little Milann! In a beautiful dress she said “yes” in an exceptional place. Soon after, the ceremony turns into a nightmare. She posted a nostalgic snapshot on her Instagram.

A special ceremony

Nabilla meets Thomas Vergara on the occasion of the program Les Anges 5 broadcast on NRJ12. At the time, he was the most popular TV personality! Famous since the famous “No mais hello”, it is today a happy mother and wife.

Together since 2013, the couple have a difficult history but they love each other deeply and say yes for the first time without having a particular celebration. Indeed, they got married in 2019. A ceremony remained secret but which made Nabilla Madame Vergara.

A real influencer even in her life choices, Nabilla is one of the first reality TV stars to move to Dubai. Besides, she founded her family there. So she gives birth to little Milann! Adorable little boy, now two years old. They all thrive in Dubai, with Thomas Vergara the father.

But it is in France that the beautiful brunette wanted to organize a large party. At the height of its success, the ceremony was sublime and in an exceptional location. Only one incident spoiled the party! For good reason, Nabilla was victim of a burglary in the place where the ceremony was taking place. During the night, individuals entered his suite while Milann was sleeping nearby to steal, among other things, jewelry.

A drama which marred this beautiful celebration and which took the lead in the media. Because yes, Nabilla communicated about her marriage but very little, because touched by the incident. It seems that she has recovered and shares with us a snapshot of this beautiful day.

Nabilla very nostalgic for her wedding day with Thomas Vergara!
Nabilla very nostalgic for her wedding day with Thomas Vergara!

Nabilla sublime in a wedding dress

The influencer posted a photo of this special day on her Instagram account. We can see her from behind, in her dress long and white. The photo allows us to see his reflection from the front in the mirror. The dress is close to the body and fits him wonderfully. It becomes more flared and transparent at the level of her knees. And some feathers dress the bottom of the dress. A real success!

Nabilla is styled with her hair down to the side. She holds in her hands a pretty bouquet of pastel roses and a large garden can be seen in the distance. Indeed, for the ceremony Nabilla chose an incredible place! The Château de Chantilly, in the Oise.

Superb and huge estate, the influencer made it big. Moreover, in the imposing building it has was able to invite many guests and all his family.

She also confessed to having been very touched by the presence of her father at his wedding. She even declared to our colleagues “I was afraid he would not come. It’s a very special relationship, him and me, it will always remain a sensitive subject ”. Indeed, relations with her dad have not always been the easiest.

Although the party, because of the burglary remained discreet, Nabilla shared a photo moved on her Instagram account, specifying that it was “one of the happiest days of her life”. We love !


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