Nabilla: Internet users angry because of her last photo!

On Instagram, Nabilla posted a photo of her body, which is slowly recovering from childbirth. Internet users were then divided.

This June 29, Nabilla unveiled on Instagram a photo of the silhouette that she finds little by little after giving birth. Some Internet users did not like it. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A happy mother

On June 5, Nabilla gave birth to her son Leyann. An important moment for the former reality TV candidate. Since then, Nabilla is recovering little by little from the pregnancy and is taking full advantage of her new life as a mother.

She also shares tender moments with him on social networks. Not long ago, she posted sweet family photos on Instagram, which melted the Web.

Nabilla posts a salvo of photos with her son Leyann. The newborn hardly opens his eyes. On the other hand, he begins to have little facial expressions. So her mom decides to imitate her in the photos with her husband Thomas.

On the first, we see it open your mouth in astonishment. That’s exactly the face her baby is making! On the third Leyann is in the middle of his two parents, he looks a little surprised and his mother imitates him once again. It makes her laugh!

These moments of complicity could almost make the couple want to have a third child. At least, not for now. ” With Thomas, we said to ourselves that we were taking a break of at least four years”explained Nabilla.

L’ex candidate des reality tv angels first takes time to recover from her second pregnancy. By the way, she posted on Instagram her new figure and a message of acceptance from her body, which didn’t sit well with all of her fans. MCE TV tells you more!

Nabilla caught on Instagram

This Wednesday, June 29, Nabilla spoke on Instagram. She explains that she wants to take her time to accept herself as she is.

“I’m not in such a hurry unlike my first pregnancyI take my time I feel good and maybe I won’t have my old body completely like before but I don’t care!“, she explains first.

“I love my little stretch marks, I love my cellulite and I am proud to have given life to two magnificent boys who fill me with happiness! », adds Nabilla, playfully. Too cute !

She also takes the opportunity to congratulate all the mothers. ” You are magnificent, unbelievably beautiful ». « be proud« , she asks them. A beautiful message that is not to everyone’s taste.

Indeed, some Internet users explain that Nabilla carries a speech that does not match his actions. “She shows off her perfect body and tells us about cellulite”explains one.

“All with an ultra-retouched photo without cellulite or stretch marks”comments another. « Show us your cellulite and your stretch marks to reassure us, adds a fan. In short, Nabilla’s words divide her fans!

Despite these few criticisms, there is no doubt that Nabilla will remain herself. She will continue to highlight her new figure on Instagram, as on June 25th. She then appeared dressed in a tight white dress, making all her fans crack.

But for Nabilla, a few kilos are always too much. ” To be, I have ten kilos left to lose. Normally, I am 56 kilos. And there I am 66, even 67 kilos. It is not seen. But I feel it”she explained.


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