Nabilla celebrates the two months of Leyann with an impressive cake!

Two months after giving birth, Nabilla is already celebrating a birthday for Leyann. Discover the beautiful cake she reserved for her baby!

Nabilla is the most satisfied mother in the world. Her little Leyann has just celebrated its two months of existence. And for the occasion, the beauty has reserved a nice surprise for him. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Nabilla is a happy mother

The summer continues to perfection for Nabilla who this year became a mother for the second time. Indeed, after the birth of the lovely Milann in 2019, the beauty gave birth in June to a little Leyann.

And the toddler is already the happiness of his famous parents. On her delivery bed in the hospital, the young woman had left a tender message after the birth of her son, as if to underline her new happiness.

“Our whole family I am so moved, I have no words to describe this moment to you, I am living a daydream”she had written.

However, the little boy would already have quite a temper according to Nabilla’s own words! It must be said that he has something to hold on to!

He even got noticed the other day. throwing a tantrum on a plane. What put Nabilla in a state close to embarrassment!

The influencer is therefore a mother filled with her two little ones. And she does not fail to share her joy as a mother with her fans on the internet.

The beauty would even have put herself in the head of celebrate the birth of their youngest every month ! So already in July, Nabilla had celebrated the first month of her son Leyann on Instagram.

“One month today. I love you more than anything, Leyann”, had thus published the wife of Thomas Vergara. And in this month of August, rebelote! The young woman this time celebrated the two months of her baby!

A spoiled baby!

“Baby Leyann 2 months today”, thus wrote Nabilla in comment of an adorable photo where she poses with her two children. At his side, we can see Milann all smiles.

In the arms of his mother, Leyann meanwhile seems to be taking a nap. The small family poses in front of a huge cake made in honor of Leyann.

Nabilla fans also celebrated the two months of the toddler in their own way. These last are more than 7.5 million to follow the influencer daily on her networks.

Many of them therefore left sympathetic comments to the young mother for the two months of her child.

“Congratulations Leyann happy 2 months”. “Leyann’s little wink in the 2ᵉ photo is to melt a little more”, can we thus read.

“Happy 2 months Leyann”, “I find your family magnificent and when I see the course I think it’s really great”, “How beautiful are your sons”wrote the internet users again.

One thing is certain, the baby’s life is starting out pretty well. The little boy is a real ray of sunshine for his parents. And Leyann is sure to be pampered by them, just like Milann is!


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