Mozilla closes its password manager, but that’s okay

Today, Mozilla no longer just provides a web browser. In addition to Firefox, the foundation also offers other products intended to help users protect their privacy, such as a VPN competing with the best VPN offers on the market, an anti-spam system, or a word manager. past.

However, the bad news, for those who use Mozilla’s password manager, called Lockwise, is that it will be closed soon! The announcement was made by the foundation in a blog post.

After December 13, 2021, Mozilla will no longer offer this application on the App Store and Play Store. After this time, the app may continue to work. However, this will no longer be supported, and will no longer receive security updates.

Mozilla wants you to install its browser to take advantage of password management

If the Lockwise application disappears, Mozilla will however continue to provide a password management service, but on its browser. After December 13, users of this app will be able to continue to access saved passwords on the iOS, Android and desktop versions of Mozilla Firefox.

And for users of the Android version of the browser, Mozilla even offers a feature that will fill the application login pages (login and password) with the synchronized information. In other words, your passwords will be saved by Mozilla Firefox, and you can continue to easily log into Android apps using those passwords.

On iOS, it’s more complicated. According to a Mozilla note: “Firefox for iOS will already sync your saved Lockwise passwords. You can currently only use them in Firefox. Check back for updates in December 2021 on how to use Firefox for iOS as a system-wide password manager. “

In any case, Lockwise will therefore join the graveyard of Mozilla applications. A year ago, the foundation shut down Send, a competitor to WeTransfer, as well as the Notes feature (which allowed you to take notes while browsing).


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