Motorola Moto X5 Reportedly Under Development, to be Launched in 2018

  • Motorola Moto X5 name hinted by popular leaker Evan Blass
  • The device may be launched in 2018.

It’s happening once again. It has only been a while since the launch of Moto X4, and we’re listening to Motorola Moto X5 now. Reliable leaker Evan Blass has suggested in one of his tweets that Motorola will launch its successor to Moto X4, aka Moto X5, sometime in 2018. And though his tweet didn’t include any other details about the phone, the mere possibility of an X5 coming to the market is a big development in itself (keep reading to find out why). You can see his tweet below:

The X series of Motorola Mobility has had an inconsistent past. The first Moto X smartphone was launched in 2014, which was followed by Moto X 2nd Generation in 2015. Then in 2016, there was complete silence – Moto X3 didn’t happen. And now in 2017 company has launched Moto X4. Due to this kind of past, it wasn’t clear whether there’ll be a Moto X5 or not in 2018. Fortunately, now it seems that there will be one. Although this is a mere unofficial hint from a leaker, the track record of Evan Blass is reliable enough to make us believe in things that he says.

No details about the phone are known as of now as it has only been a while since the launch of X4, but the tweet by Blass suggests that company has already started working on this next generation phone. The design of the device is also a mystery at this point, but based on the features of Moto X4 we can expect X5 to come with a dust and water resistant design at least.

Now, as far as timing of the release is concerned, Moto X5 isn’t gonna come anytime soon. Since Motorola Moto X4 has just been released, we can’t expect the X5 to be launched before the second half of 2018. That’s also the traditional time period for the launch of company’s X series smartphones. However, traditions are left behind faster than any industry in tech, so we don’t know if Motorola is planning to surprise us with an early launch of Moto X5. Only time will tell what’s gonna happen. We may get some idea in coming months, and when that happens we’ll let you know through our updates.  


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