Mortal Kombat 2: Internet users want Ryan Reynolds as Johnny Cage

While the film Mortal Kombat is currently a hit at the international box office, its sequel is already talking about it. In this case, fans of the film and the franchise want, for the next time, Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson / Deadpool) plays the role of Johnny Cage.

Ryan Reynolds en Johnny Cage
Ryan Reynolds en Johnny Cage ? Image DR

If you’ve seen the movie Mortal Kombat by Simon McQuoid, you may have realized that one of the central characters of the franchise was missing. Indeed, Johnny Cage strangely does not appear in this adaptation. He will only have had a very small shot at the end of the film, where we see a poster presenting the play on words ” Citizen Cage “. An “oversight” that will not have pleased fans of the franchise, who claim his presence in the second film to come. And who else to embody it than Ryan Reynolds, the American actor behind the Deadpool costume?

People want Ryan Reynolds as Johnny Cage for Mortal Kombat 2

The film Mortal Kombat directed by Simon McQuoid has been available since last week. And since its release, the reboot of the franchise – the third film adaptation after a cinematic dilogy in the late 1990s – has been a real hit for the Warner Bros. While it does not display excellent reviews overall, the HBO Max platform on which it is broadcast, is recording views records.

If fans of the franchise have generally welcomed this adaptation, the absence of Johnny Cage will not have been really appreciated. So of course, the director will not have forgotten to put it on the screen. Presumably, Johnny Cage will be back in the sequel, since four other films are already in the Warner’s boxes.

At the end of the film, Cole Young heads to Hollywood. Obviously, this suggests that there’s a chance he’ll run into the American movie star at one point or another. The question now is therefore to know who will be the actor who can play Johnny Cage. For Internet users, the choice is made: Ryan Reynolds. Evidenced by the many tweets that are broadcast on the web and asking that the actor plays this role.

Will he be the chosen one? We will see that in the coming months, when the distribution of Mortal Kombat 2 will be announced.


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