Morgane (Tomorrow belongs to us) is going to experience her return to Sète very badly?

While Morgane (Tomorrow belongs to us) is finally released from prison, the young woman is not going to live well on her return to Sète!

After long weeks without seeing her, fans of Tomorrow belongs to us will finally find Morgane. The latter was released from prison after six months. But things don’t go not going very well for her.

A very difficult return

Morgane (Tomorrow belongs to us) spent long months in prison. After having killed his brother Franck, it is finally self-defense that was pronounced. On the other hand, his return to Sète will be very different from what she imagined.

In an interview with Télé Loisirs, the producer of Tomorrow belongs to us gave some information. Aude Thévenin confided: “She will be out of prison soon and will live it very badly« .

The producer also added: “She will become a bit of Sète’s curious little animal. And will have no other choice than to go abroad ”. Morgane will therefore leave Sète after having lived several months of hell.

On the other hand, she will not be alone on her new journey. The young woman will see the support of Sandrine and Arthur. As the show’s episode recap revealed, the three will fly to Guadeloupe.

For his part, Gabriel is not going to follow them. Indeed, he will stay in Sète and continue his student life. He’s also going to land a whole new job in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us. The young man will become supervisor in a high school.

Let the fans be reassured, this is not the last time they will see Morgane (Juliette Tresanini). Indeed, the producer confided during her interview to Télé Loisirs: ” It’s not not a final exit«

Morgane (Tomorrow belongs to us) is going to experience her return to Sète very badly?

The actresses of Tomorrow belongs to us very close

Aude Thévenin (Tomorrow belongs to us) also revealed: “There will be an arch in the fall for which the character of Sandrine will have to return”. On July 30, Marie Catrix wished a beautiful celebration to Juliette Tresanini.

While the two are very close in Tomorrow Belongs to Us, so are they in real life. A few weeks ago, the young woman confided to her co-star: “My wonderful partner of charm and shock ! ».

She also added: “What a joy to find you every day of filming. During our evenings or our sporting moments! Thank you for your smile, your joy of living, your generosity. And your kindness “.

Finally, the actress of Tomorrow belongs to us had also concluded: « Love you ma complice ». One thing is for sure, the two really have a very nice bond in life like on screen.

Fans of the series also hope that they will find the two young women in the rest of the series. It remains to be seen whether the writers have any plans for their characters. It will take patience to learn more.

In the meantime, Tomorrow belongs to us goes focus on episode 1000. This is a very big event. It is a hostage-taking which will also be during the intrigue.

It remains to be seen whether this brand new story will seduce fans of the series. To be continued !


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