more than a few hours, how to pay online?

Unfortunately, some still have to pay the housing tax this year, a few weeks after the property tax. Emmanuel Macron had yet promised at the start of his five-year term the abolition of the housing tax. However, this will not be effective for everyone until 2023. This year, 80% of households that were previously subject to housing tax will not already have to pay it. For what remains of concerned citizens, there is all the same a small consolation: its amount drops by 30%.

And that’s just the beginning. In 2022, households that are still subject to this tax will see their contribution drop by 65%. Before a definitive abolition from 2023 – at least if it is a main residence. Because for second homes, the housing tax is here to stay. And in some municipalities, such as Paris, Lyon, and Marseille, the bill may be very steep. As Capital reports, many municipal councils have in fact voted an increase of 60% to compensate for the losses of tax receipts.

How to pay the housing tax online?

However, the deadline is fast approaching. Indeed, if the amount of your tax is less than 300 euros, you will have to pay before November 15, 2021. If the amount is higher, you have a suspension of a few days, until November 20. Finally, if you have opted for direct debit from your account, payment will be effective a few days later, on November 25. Note that only payments of less than 300 euros can still be paid this year in cash or by check.

For other amounts, you must go online to pay your housing tax. Two methods are available to you. You can go directly through your Personal Area on the site. Or you can pay directly on your smartphone, via the impots.gouv application. Here’s the procedure to follow :

Pay your housing tax via

  • Go to the website
  • Log in with your fiscal number and password – in case of loss, it is imperative to request recovery of your account as soon as possible
  • Go to Payments and click on the button To access under the logo Taxes
  • If you see a line Left to pay click on the number to the right and follow the instructions to pay your tax

Pay your housing tax via your smartphone

  • Install the app Taxes.gouv on your smartphone from Google Play or App Store
  • Open the app and log in with your credentials
  • Scan the code printed at the bottom left of the first page of your tax notice
  • Follow the instructions to pay your tax

Did you succeed or, on the contrary, have you encountered difficulties in paying your tax? Share your feedback in the comments – we’ll take it into account to improve this article!


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