More beautiful life: what future for Valentin and Laëtitia in the series?

Fans of Plus belle la vie really wonder. And for good reason, what is next for Valentin and the kind Laëtitia?

Life for couples is not very easy in Plus belle la vie. But what will happen for Valentin and his darling Laëtitia ? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

More beautiful life: couples stand out

Fans of Plus belle la vie really don’t have time to be bored. And for good reason, nothing ever goes as planned in the series. What to delight followers of suspense so who never seem to the end of their sentences.

Besides, romance fans They also seem in heaven with Plus belle la vie. Indeed, there is really love in the air on France 3. And yes, the writers can be very blue flower.

In short, couples love and tear each other apart. The latter then experience great moments. And for good reason, the writers of the program do not hesitate to be very teasing.

On the heart side, viewers of Plus belle la vie are therefore well served. And it seems that the series counts well continue on the same path. We must therefore expect some twists and turns. The rest promises to be explosive.

Separation, divorce, marriage or love at first sight, Plus belle la vie does not do things by halves. The love life of the characters then prepares to make a lot of noise. Ouch!

But fans of Plus belle la vie are intrigued by the couple formed by Valentin and Laëtitia. What does the series have in store for the two lovebirds? MCE TV tells you more! *Attention Spoilers*

More beautiful life: what future for Valentin and Laëtitia in the series?
More beautiful life: what future for Valentin and Laëtitia in the series?

Valentin and Laëtitia: what will happen?

Some couples from Plus belle la vie have become iconic over time. Thereby, when a separation disrupts their life calm and peaceful, viewers seem in shock.

Lately, it is the couple formed by Laëtitia and Valentin who continues to react. And for good reason, nothing is going any more for the latter in Plus belle la vie. But what does the rest of the series hold for the two lovebirds?

Besides, David Ban confided to our colleagues from Star TV. He then gave more details about his character. As a reminder, Valentin tries to win back his beauty. He then seems ready for anything.

The star of Plus belle la vie therefore confided: “We can expect a happy sequel but obviously, they are two characters with strong character. Even if there will be a serious rapprochement between Valentin and Laëtitia, it will never be plan-plan. “

Before adding: « There will always be twists, and that’s what makes the couple interesting. Obviously, he is attached to Laëtitia and in my opinion, from a human and emotional point of view, for him, the next step is to explore his fatherhood. “

In addition, the actor of Plus belle la vie admitted that the reaction of Internet users surprised him. He therefore confided: “It’s funny to see people’s reaction ! When Valentine makes declarations of love, it’s Prince Charming. And the day he messes up Laëtitia, it becomes a bastard. “

One thing is certain, the sequel to Plus belle la vie promises to be explosive for Laëtitia and Valentin. The two lovebirds have not finished standing out. So they might well still live new adventures. Viewers just have to be ready. To be continued.


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