More beautiful life: Valentin wants to stop his plan with Delphine!

Nothing is going well in “Plus belle la vie”! Valentin, who joined forces with Delphine to win back Laetitia, wants to stop everything …

Cupid continues to make his own in “Plus belle la vie”! Last I heard, Valentin joined forces with Delphine to win back Laetitia’s heart. But all his actions will be useless … Annoyed, the businessman will then decide to stop everything. MCE TV shows you everything.

More beautiful life: Betty is in the sights of the CPE

Every week, millions of viewers follow the crazy adventures of their favorite characters in “Plus belle la vie”. Last I heard, there have been quite a few of twists and turns at Scotto High School.

Claude Rochat has always been very involved as to the organization of the establishment. Further to complaints from teachers, César’s uncle also asked the rectorate for a new CPE.

For a few days now, a woman named Vanessa has been reigning as a master in the essential high school. If in front of the director, the young woman is gentle and understanding, in private, her character is not the same!

On a daily basis, the CPE is also very strict and can show itself extremely harsh in his words. As soon as she arrived in Scotto, Vanessa had a crush on Mouss!

For her, Mila’s darling should put a distance with the students. If the young man does not share his point of view, for the moment, he prefers to be discreet.

Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, it was Betty who pushed Vanessa to the limit because of her outfit deemed “provocative”! The teenager who hates the rules will give her a hard time in the next episodes of the saga.

But Noah’s friend will also have to be on her guard. Annoyed, the CPE will do everything to exclude him from Scotto …

Valentin is still in love with Laetitia

Other characters in “Plus belle la vie” also have very hectic daily lives. Like Franck!

This summer, Blanche’s ex pledged to marry Kalya to regularize her situation. Unfortunately for him, city hall employees doubt their relationship.

In the process, they also hired Mainar who is responsible for investigating their relationship. Installed at the Mistral, man spies on them constantly.

But it is badly to know Laetitia who revealed all her tricks to Franck to trap him in turn. To make matters worse, Delphine signed her big on her return to the Mistral.

For several days, her ex has been telling anyone who wants to hear it that she spins the perfect love with Valentin… The ex of Laetitia. But it’s a masquerade!

The duo just want to titillate Franck and Jerome’s widow. If Noah’s daddy is still madly in love with his ex, he wishes get to the bottom of things with Kalya.

As for Valentin before Laetitia’s lack of reaction, the young man will quickly become discouraged. The businessman may struggle, he feels that his ex is not reactive.

To the point that he will want to let go all his ideas to win her back. Case to be continued in “Plus belle la vie”.


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