More beautiful life: Valentin and Laëtitia finally ready to pass in the towel?

In Plus belle la vie, Valentin and Laëtitia will perhaps get back together to the delight of fans of the soap opera.

In Plus belle la vie, Valentin and Laëtitia will get back together. It must be said that for the past few weeks, a deception has been in place. And apparently, this one will finally pay. We tell you more in this article.

The deception of Valentin and Delphine

It’s been a few weeks since a deception has been in place in Plus belle la vie. Valentin and Delphine seem madly in love. But in the end, they’re not really together, they do this to get Franck and Laëtitia back. And it works more or less.

On Franck’s side, things are going really well. Electrician is still very much in love with Delphine. And he can’t stand seeing her with Valentine. But the latter promised Kayla to marry her so that she would get her papers.

It could well be compromised! But on the other hand, Laëtitia does not seem to react in Plus belle la vie. And yet, the young woman is still very much in love with him. Yet she broke up with him a little while ago.

But everything will soon change in the soap opera. Because Valentin and Delphine will admit the deception to their lovers. And that could well create new couples. Or rather rekindle the flame of the ancients. And Valentin is going to make a nice statement.

He will confess to Laëtitia that he cannot live without her. Without it, his life is empty. He might even die of grief for her. And these words will have an echo in the young woman. She will realize that she still has feelings.


More beautiful life: Laëtitia and Valentin together again?

And apparently, Valentin and Laëtitia will get back together in Plus belle la vie. She is going to confess to him, with tears in her eyes, that she still has feelings for him. She can’t seem to forget it all this time. And she can no longer imagine her life without him.

But for the moment, Laëtitia does not want to get back together with Valentin, she is afraid of suffering too much. But according to spoiler articles from the soap opera, this should be done in the next episodes. And the young woman could soon relive a beautiful story.

We hope that this time their romance will last longer than the last time. Because always, Laëtitia wants to live a beautiful and long love story. She thinks the man in her life might just be Valentine.

But it will be necessary to see in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie. For his part, Franck will understand that he still has feelings for Delphine. But how can I help Kayla to the end? The electrician has made a commitment not to leave her.

Especially that an agent of the administration supervises all their actions and gestures to check if their marriage is white or not. And Delphine could well cause problems in all of this. You must not let Franck show that he is still in love!

In short, there is still full of intrigue to follow in Plus belle la vie. And to know more, it will be necessary to follow the next episodes. Case to follow.


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