More beautiful life: Thomas victim of a terrible attack in the street!

A sequence may shock fans of Plus belle la vie! Indeed, Thomas will be attacked with a knife on the Place du Mistral.

Nothing is going right in More beautiful life ! Soon, Thomas Marci will have cold sweats… Indeed, the darling of Gabriel will be attacked while he was distributing food for local residents. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z.

More beautiful life: The Soubeyrand family is acting up

At the moment, different intrigues are to be discovered in More beautiful life ! Once again, the screenwriters have put the package to satisfy fiction aficionados at all levels!

A few days ago, the Soubeyrand clan has also shaken the daily lives of Mistralians. Francis and his family caused a “blackout” throughout the region!

Since then, everyone survives as best they can. In this chaos, Léa had to manage to give birth to her little Aurore!

In parallel, Betty, Bilal and Noé helped her enormously. After ups and downs, Boher was finally able to reunite with her lovely family.

But the couple will quickly become disillusioned. Indeed, their baby will unfortunately encounter health problems.

In the turmoil they can count on their loved ones. At the Mistral, solidarity is key!

Lately in More beautiful life, Estelle also discovered that Francesco had a double life! Certain about her investigation, the beautician fell from above.

Her rival would be called Sylvia… In the turmoil, Nathan’s cousin also met his companion.

One thing leading to another, the duo ended by getting closer… And sleeping together.

More beautiful life: Thomas victim of a terrible attack in the street!
More beautiful life: Thomas victim of a terrible attack in the street!

Francis saves Thomas’ life

Other characters are featured in More beautiful life. Like Thomas Marci!

Over the years, Doctor Riva’s darling has become one fan-favorite characters from the saga. In the city, he is also the happy father of Baptiste and Thérèse.

On a day-to-day basis, he also masterfully manages his restaurant called the Marci. A name that divided his family a few months ago!

Also living without electricity for several days, Thomas Marci of its maximum to help the Marseillais. With Barbara, Mathis’ grandfather willingly distributes food in front of his establishment.

A great initiative that appeals to the highest point his brother François. For him, his generosity could turn on him!

And he’s not entirely wrong… The Emma’s father-in-law will also find out at his expense.

In one of the next episodes of More beautiful life, Thomas will be taken aback by the behavior of a stranger… Indeed, the latter will several times serve himself in his food.

So obviously, Fanny’s colleague will see red! Sadly, the young man will take it very badly.

Armed with a knife, he won’t hesitate to threaten him with it. Fortunately, François who will closely follow the scene will save his life.

A heroic act that could reconcile the two brothers for good… Case to follow in More beautiful life !


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