More beautiful life: the true identity of the stalker of Jacob revealed?

General alert! The identity of the blackmailer who manipulates Jacob and Camille will soon be revealed in “Plus belle la vie”.

At the moment, a mysterious person is playing Jacob and Camille in “Plus belle la vie”. Exclusively, “Star-actu” has also unveiled its identity … Attention, you are not ready! MCE TV shows you everything from A to Z.

More beautiful life: Kevin gets closer to Camille

Every week, the twists and turns are always present in “Plus belle la vie”. Last I heard, some characters from the saga have not finished delivering us all their secrets. Like Camille!

For several months, the pretty brunette lives with her sister Emma. And out of sight, she also continues to rub shoulders with Jacob, her ex-torturer.

Victim of Stockholm syndrome, the young woman does not realize that the criminal has complete control over her. And their relationships are unhealthy.

Wanting to protect her, Jacob does not hesitate to kill all the people who annoy them from near or far. For example, he did not hesitate to kill his mother Alice who wanted to keep him away from Marseille.

But also under the threat of Maxime who was Emma’s parachute jump instructor. As a reminder, the young man was next to the mother of Mathis when she was an escort.

And he was ready to do anything to go back to bed with her. Leaves at use questionable procedures …

In any case in “Plus belle la vie”, Patrick is on the spot. Yes, Babeth’s darling multiplies ideas for arresting Jacob, of whom he has no idea of ​​his new identity.

And to succeed in this mission, the policeman also called on Kevin so that he could seduce Camille. Confidence once established, he hopes the young woman will indulge more about his ex-jailer.

More beautiful life: the true identity of the stalker of Jacob revealed?
More beautiful life: the true identity of the stalker of Jacob revealed?

Jacob has something to worry about

So far in “Plus belle la vie”, Kevin tries to spend more time with Kevin’s family. Of course, Camille is still around.

But Baptiste and Emma do not suspect for a single second that their friend tries to trap the young woman. In parallel to all this, Laetitia’s son often attracts the wrath of his darling Emilie because he spends a lot of time outside.

Fortunately, Patrick, who is in cahoots, does his utmost to appease the tensions within their relationship. But Kevin will have to be extra vigilant.

Indeed, Jacob sees a very bad eye his connection with Camille. For him, there is eel under the rock.

Besides that, Luna’s new employee is also going to have a cold sweat. The blackmailer who manipulated him in the past will make a comeback.

And this time it goes to him ask to kill… Baptiste. The height!

It remains to be seen if Jacob will actually take action. Exclusively, “Stars-Actu” affirmed that it was indeed César who was behind it all. Shocking!

As you can see, Barbara’s boyfriend is still also deceitful and manipulative. But then, how was he able to discover the link between Camille and Jacob? Is he really ready to get his hands dirty to win Emma back and run his new business on his own?

You will find out in the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”. To be continued !