More beautiful life: the new Vanessa CPE is coming to high school!

Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, a new CPE will make its debut at Scotto high school. And she’s going to have Mouss in her sights!

Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Rochat will call on a childcare center to integrate Scotto high school as quickly as possible. On a daily basis, the young woman is not easy to live with… Mouss goes learn it the hard way. MCE TV shows you everything from A to Z.

More beautiful life: Franck is still in love with Delphine

The twists and turns are never lacking in “Plus belle la vie”. Last I heard, Franck is still determined to marry Kalya pto regularize his situation.

Unfortunately for them, Mainar also goes to put a bar in their wheels. Installed in the Celeste, he watches all their actions to report them to the town hall.

But it is badly to know Laetitia who will help Blanche’s ex to trap him. Indeed, she will reveal to him all his tricks to spy on them.

Thanks to Kévin’s mother, Franck will be able to rectify the situation. In “More beautiful life”, we can say that Noah’s dad sometimes has his mind elsewhere.

A few days ago he learned that his ex Delphine was in a relationship with Valentin. Lovebirds like to display their love for all to see!

To top it all off, the businessman also decided to put his bags down at the Celeste … To the chagrin of Laetitia who works there.

Unsurprisingly, Franck and Jerome’s widow manage their jealousy not without difficulty. But in the long run, one might think that their exes have teamed up to give them a little lesson…

More beautiful life: the new Vanessa CPE is coming to high school!
More beautiful life: the new Vanessa CPE is coming to high school!

A new CPE at Scotto high school

Other characters in “Plus belle la vie” have very hectic daily lives. Like Blanche Marci!

François’ ex is a real mother hen. And see his son Noah grow up is not always easy for her.

Along with all this at Scotto, she is also very involved in the follow-up of her students. But these the latter sometimes give him a hard time.

In good times and bad, Blanche can luckily rely on his colleagues. But since the start of the school year, Sophie’s sworn enemy has the impression that some high school students willingly do without her classes.

Just like Nathan. Overwhelmed, they have also made share their feelings to Claude Rochat. In addition, the two teachers are tired of having to call the parents themselves in case of problems.

Caesar’s nephew understood their requests. Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, he will succeed in obtaining a replacement for the post of childcare center. In short, good news!

Named Vanessa, the young woman is quite square in her organization. And she is not really open-minded.

For example, the CPE does not understand why Mouss who is a supervisor is so close to the students. She will clearly have it in her sights!

But in front of the principal of the establishment, Vanessa goes reveal a whole different face. Not sure that the news will be appreciated by the students with his vision of things. Case to be continued in “Plus belle la vie”!


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