More beautiful life: the death of this emblematic character confirmed?

As the end of “Plus belle la vie” approaches, the production promises a stunning finale! Is it the death of a cult figure?

The end of “Plus belle la vie” is fast approaching… The opportunity for the producers to think about an exceptional finale! Will fans witness the death of an iconic character? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

The final hour draws near

End clap for More beautiful life! Series will soon disappear from the screens. Overnight, the management of France Télévisions therefore announced the news, without detour. A great sadness for the fans, but also and especially for the actors who find themselves with nothing.

Laurent Kérusoré, the interpreter of Thomas Marci since 2005 says he is very saddened. This decision could even have an impact on its finances: « On an emotional and human level, it is complicated. »

“My mother, a former banker, certainly advised me on how to invest my money, but I don’t have any filming proposals yet. I know the Thomas character is going to stick with me for a while…”

Christophe Morillon also expressed his anger in an interview for Capitaine Cinemaxx: “We’ve known for a while. Technicians, make-up artists, costume designers will find work. For actors stamped Plus belle la vie, it’s more complicated. They didn’t deserve this.”

The interpreter of Jacob in the series does not understand this decision. “Overnight, we decide to release you because you no longer bring in enough money. You shouldn’t get rid of people like that. That’s no way to treat people.”

What end in Plus belle la vie?

Fans of Plus belle la vie therefore attend the last episodes of the series. But then the question arises, how will it end? Claire de La Rochefoucauld, producer of the soap opera, explained that she wanted a happy ending:

“There are people we shouldn’t betray, that’s our audience. We wanted a happy ending, with something positive. The dynamic is rather to celebrate 18 years than to mourn the end. »

However, the production has just promised a very surprising finale, with a scene that viewers will never forget. But then what is she? According to rumors, it could be the death of an emblematic character, present since the beginning.

We immediately think of Roland Marci. And for good reason ! During filming, a photo of the character, in black and white was hanging out on a table in the Mistral bar. As if it were a tribute…

A fan account of the Plus belle la vie series also noticed that the Marci clan wore “dblack suits and dark outfits“. Characters “turn their last intrigue and in particular sequences rich in emotion”.

There is no doubt, the end of Plus belle la vie promises to be overwhelming! We are therefore very eager to discover it on France 3.


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