More beautiful life: the CSA intervenes after many complaints!

The CSA received many complaints after the broadcast of a terrible scene of rape, in the soap opera “Plus belle la vie”, on France 3.

On October 28, Commissioner Patrick Nebout was raped in “Plus belle la vie”. This scene shocked viewers who, for the most part, lodged a complaint with the CSA. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

The writers of “Plus belle la vie” thought they were doing well

Yes, the writers of “Plus belle la vie” thought they were doing well, thinking about this episode. According to them, they wanted to free speech regarding the rape of a man.

Patrick Nebout’s interpreter also confirmed this idea. “It’s really a very strong social issue, which will certainly allow us to free the voices of men who are being raped in France. “, he had thus confided to our colleagues of Parisian.

Before adding: “It’s a bit of a taboo subject. We talk very little about it. There will be a discussion in the families, at the table. More beautiful life will not solve the issue of sexual violence, but he can make it exist in the media. I have been in contact with five raped men. It’s difficult for them to talk about it. I don’t want to betray them. I want them to recognize each other ”.

Unfortunately, fans of “Plus belle la vie” did not see the good intention behind this rape scene. On the contrary, they took a very bad view that it appears in a series like this, broadcast in prime time. MCE TV tells you more about this controversy, in the rest of its article.

More beautiful life: the CSA intervenes after many complaints!
More beautiful life: the CSA intervenes after many complaints!

The CSA acts

After receiving numerous complaints from fans of “Plus belle la vie”, the CSA had to act. For those who do not know, the Superior Audiovisual Council aims to ensure that audiovisual content is broadcast and (above all) broadcastable.

But do not panic. You will find your favorite soap opera, as usual, Monday to Friday at 8:20 p.m., on France 3. Or, for latecomers, on, from 6 am.

Because, apart from this scene of rape, “Plus belle la vie” still offers very beautiful sequences which soothe the hearts of fans. We can notably cite the emerging relationship between Romain and Adriana Karembeu. They would therefore find it very difficult to do without it!

After an investigation, the CSA considered that the scene showing Patrick Nebout, in pain, was relatively violent. So she should have been prohibited for children under 12.

But what does this mean in concrete terms? Well, it is simple. If France Télévisions wishes to rebroadcast this episode of “Plus belle la vie”, it must ensure that it is indicated at the bottom of the screen or at the start of the program. The key is to warn viewers of what they are going to see. Eh yes, a chain is protected thanks to the signage !

And you, have you seen this famous scene of rape in “Plus belle la vie”, last October 28? Do you think it should be censored? Do you think this has a place in a family program?


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