More beautiful life: Rebecca Hampton wants to return to this cult show!

Rebecca Hampton intends to turn around quickly after the end of Plus belle a vie. The star would already have a little idea in mind.

the end of More beautiful life fast approaching. For the occasion, some stars of the show would like to make their comeback on the small screen in other productions. Starting with Rebecca Hampton. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The end of Plus belle la vie

On February 16, Le Figaro announced terrible news. Indeed, our colleagues explained that the end of More beautiful life was near.

But if the daily explained that the series was about to say goodbye to the small screen, nothing had yet been confirmed by the production.

So that a small hope reigned in the hearts of the fans. Lack of luck, France Télévisions ended up speaking. On May 5, the end of the Plus belle la vie adventure was recorded.

To the chagrin of the fans, but also of the actors. Recently interviewed by Captain Cinemaxx, Christophe Morillon, alias Jacob, expressed his anger.

“We’ve known for a while”, then explained the actor. But that does not mean that he accepts the situation. Quite the contrary. “Technicians, make-up artists, costume designers will find work. For actors stamped Plus belle la vie, it’s more complicated. They didn’t deserve this.”

For those who embody Camille’s executioner in More beautiful life, this story is related to a financial problem. “Overnight, we decide to release you because you no longer bring in enough money” And to continue as follows: “You shouldn’t get rid of people like that. That’s no way to treat people. »

“It’s not respectful also for the viewers who have remained faithful. As long as there is an audience, we can find solutions without putting 600 people in uncertainty. » MCE TV tells you more about More beautiful life.

More beautiful life: Rebecca Hampton wants to return to this cult show!
More beautiful life: Rebecca Hampton wants to return to this cult show!

Rebecca Hampton ready to do anything to resume her role

If Christophe Morillon is angry, another star of More beautiful life already seems to be thinking about what’s next. Indeed, Rebecca Hampton would like resume his role in Only the truth matters.

She would have already come into contact with Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine. “I told them since we did something on the networks all three by talking, watching shows, answering questions. And I told them, from the start that of course if it started again, I would be« then explained the pretty blonde to Jordan De Luxe.

Moreover, the star of Plus belle la vie did not fail to praise his former sidekick. “He had a real role, Sam. And me for walking down the hall with Sam, because one day they pranked me on taking me to the set. He really had a real thing.

And to conclude as follows: “If it comes back, I’m in. Afterwards, I don’t know, maybe they won’t need me”. That is what is said.

One thing is certain is that Rebecca Hampton does not intend to sit idly by. Indeed, the one who embodies Céline Frémont in More beautiful life is ready to do anything to bounce back. To be continued…


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