More beautiful life: Noé saves Kilian’s stake at the police station!

In the sequel to “Plus belle la vie”, Kilian will find himself behind bars. But he can count on Noah’s help.

Between now and the end of the week, a lot of things will happen in “Plus belle la vie”. We can already tell you that Kilian will do a little trip to prison and that Noah will try to save him. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Kilian will be wrong

Friday, October 8, Kilian will find himself stuck at the police station, in “Plus belle la vie”. Noah will be one of the only ones to know. Sure, he won’t be able to hide the truth from Lola.

Thus, he will explain to her that his friend went crazy on their last night. And this, after seeing him go up to the room with Betty on his arm. One thing leading to another, he would have lost his temper during a police check for noise at night.

However, Noah will specify thathe has nothing to be ashamed of. But Lola won’t want to hear anything. She will then order him to go to the police station to help Kilian out.

Once there, he will not hesitate to tell the police officer about the love affair between the two men. Eric will be touched by his approach. Then, he will agree to release the detainee. But what a relief!

Even further in “Plus belle la vie”, Kilian will find Betty. The latter will not hesitate to reproach him his gesture towards the police. He will retort that he did not appreciate seeing her leave with another man.

So Betty will tell her thatthey are not in a relationship. Something to break Kilian’s little heart. MCE TV tells you more about the upcoming events in “Plus belle la vie”.

More beautiful life: Noé saves Kilian's stake at the police station!
More beautiful life: Noé saves Kilian’s stake at the police station!

What else will happen in “Plus belle la vie”?

Another intrigue keeps viewers in suspense, in “Plus belle la vie”. It is of course about the sequestration of the Baptist by Jacob. And all the things that flow from it, of course!

We think here of the relationship between Kevin and Camille. The young man, who is in fact an infiltrator, uses the young woman to find the killer. In the continuation of your favorite soap opera, he will go so far as to sleep with her.

Literally in love, she will give him more and more details in order to find Jacob’s trail. As you will have understood, the latter will be on the verge of causing the loss of his partner. But, after all, Baptiste’s life depends on it!

Even further in the series “Plus belle la vie”, Kevin and his team will set up an evil plan in order tolure Jacob into their nets. Camille will meet him at their usual hideout and he will accept. Well say so, it promises long moments of anguish!

Will Jacob be killed by the police? What will be the fate of Camille, who is his accomplice? Will the latter take badly Kevin’s lie about their relationship?

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