More beautiful life: Luna victim of a terrible humiliation!

Luna will experience a terrible humiliation in Plus belle la vie. Once again, his disability will prevent him from having a normal life.

For several years now, Luna has been going through several stages due to her handicap in Plus belle la vie. But today she will live a terrible humiliation when a pilot comes to dredge her. We tell you more in this article.

Luna’s handicap

For two years, we have followed Luna in her handicap. Plus belle la vie integrates the daily difficulties linked to disability but also the eyes of others. And it’s the latter which can be the hardest to live. As we recall, the young woman lost the use of her legs.

And this following a car accident. In the beginning, Luna was in a wheelchair. She didn’t even know if she would ever be able to walk again. But little by little, she managed to make progress and got up again. A real victory.

Luna even came to terms with her handicap. She later helped Sacha to accept the fact that he could no longer see. Such, that she ended up falling a little in love with him. But the latter preferred to return with Victoire on his return.

So, since Luna grinds black in Plus belle la vie. She is very bored at the reception of her hotel. So much that she thinks to kill herself one day when she talks with Mirta. She imagines hanging herself in her room.

In short, morale is not at the highest. And it’s not going to get better. Because the latter will experience a real humiliation at the cafe. The young woman is picked up but finally, her suitor ousted him because of a very precise detail.

More beautiful life: Luna victim of a terrible humiliation!
More beautiful life: Luna victim of a terrible humiliation!

More beautiful life: the humiliation of Luna

In Plus belle la vie, Luna is in the cafe, alone. She is terribly bored. When suddenly a handsome man arrives at his table.

He tells her that he finds her beautiful. So the receptionist is very surprised and at the beginning a little surly. But the handsome stranger does not give up.

The he gives a new compliment on her beautiful green eyes. He finds it very to his liking.

Thereby, he explains to her that he is a pilot and that he has time to kill. He offers her a ride in a convertible.

At that moment, Luna said to herself ” why not“. She explains therefore wanting to ” drop everything “.

So she accepts and gets up… using her cane. Because if Luna can now walk, she has to help herself with a cane in the series More beautiful life.

And that’s when it all goes downhill. The beautiful pilot notices the cane, then changes his mind. He makes up a lie to her by telling her that he finally has an impediment.

The young woman cannot believe it and calls him a “mytho”. We can tell he’s lying, there is no doubt. And the young woman understands the reason well. But the worst is yet to come.

Indeed, on leaving, the pilot throws him ” bye bye la boiteuse« . Luna doesn’t even know what to say in Plus belle la vie and sits down.


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