More beautiful life: Luna is amazed to learn that the money has been stolen!

The sequel to Plus belle la vie promises to be full of twists and turns. In particular, Luna will discover that the money has been stolen.

The next episode of More beautiful life promises to make a splash on the small screen. Indeed, it looks like Luna is about toto learn with amazement that the money was stolen. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Attention, the article which will follow is likely to contain SPOILERS!

A new plot in Plus belle la vie

Since 2004, More beautiful life caused a sensation on the small screen. Eh yes ! More than 15 years after its launch, Hubert Besson’s creation has not lost its luster.

So much so that viewers are even more and more to follow eagerly the adventures of the inhabitants of the Phocaean city.

And the least we can say is that week after week, season after season, aficionados have never been disappointed. Quite the contrary.

For a few days, a whole new plot is also in place. An extraordinary story that plunges the city in the south of France into total chaos.

Indeed, Marseille is in the midst of Black-Out. A terrible situation which gave birth to many parallel adventures in More beautiful life. In particular the delivery of Léa.

Indeed, the companion of Jean-Paul Boher has indeed given birth in an unusual place. And this, with the help of Betty, Noé and Bilal. But while young parents celebrated the birth of their daughter, the latter turned out to have some health concerns.

Especially in the brain. Thus, Aurore needs an emergency operation. Bad luck, as he was about to intervene, Vidal suddenly disappeared.

But do not panic ! The next episode should put an end to this growing anxiety. MCE TV tells you more about the intrigues of More beautiful life !

More beautiful life: Luna is amazed to learn that the money has been stolen!
More beautiful life: Luna is amazed to learn that the money has been stolen!

Luna makes a terrible discovery

But while the main plot is well and truly installed, it seems that many stories also punctuate the episodes of More beautiful life.

Thus, according to the latest information posted online by Allocine, Luna is about to to discover with amazement that the money has been stolen.

Our colleagues tell while Mirta is going to make a decision. Insofar as no one claims the inheritance of Mr. Delatour, the money he owned now belongs to the hotel.

To try to do things right, she therefore chooses to take it in order to share it with the whole community. Unfortunately, at the time Luna decides to count the sum, she suddenly realizes that there is nothing left.

A thief stole the money. And he is necessarily one of the refugees. Neither one nor two, so she begins to threaten them and indicates that she is about to go to the police.

An investigation is therefore about to begin. And everything seems to point the finger at Josiane. Following More beautiful life is likely to cause a sensation among viewers. In any case, one thing is certain, it is that they will be numerous to watch the next episodes. To be continued …


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