More beautiful life: Luna bugged by the police!

The investigation into Elodie’s disappearance turns more and more to Bastien in Plus belle la vie … Luna is then tapped.

Bastien has things to be ashamed of? While his wife, Elodie, has disappeared, the police of Plus belle la vie turn to him … But his affair with Luna does not help. MCETV explains everything about the couple who find themselves in the eye of the storm!

A couple at the center of attention

Because a woman who disappears necessarily points to her doubts about her husband … So when the husband has a lover, it turns everything upside down! Luna could thus bite her fingers. She who did not expect to find Bastien could regret it.

His childhood sweetheart has indeed made a resounding comeback in his life. But the ghost of Plus belle la vie has the perfect profile of the psychopath. He even dreams that he is strangling his new girlfriend… Which causes a huge argument in the new couple.

Horrified by the dreams of her darling, Luna met Bastien dehors. But in all this, Elodie remains untraceable. And Bastien looks like the ideal culprit. He could have made his wife disappear. And so live the idyll he was waiting for with Luna.

Only small concern, the police were not aware of this new love. When the police officers of Plus belle la vie learn about it, their trail changes a bit. It may not be a killer husband anymore, but of a vengeful couple … Eyes are thus on Luna.

She was indeed well hidden from telling the police that she had not only had business meetings with Bastien. What automatically makes her a new suspect… The police will therefore have to investigate. And undoubtedly even go further!

Plus Belle La Vie Luna bugged by law enforcement

More beautiful life: Luna on listening

Attorney Revel wants know everything about the love between Bastien and Luna. There is only one thing to do for this: place a cookie in your phone. It will therefore be the role of Ariadne, who must manage to find out everything about Luna.

The policewoman takes advantage of a moment on the terrace at Marci to go see Bastien’s new lover. Very discreet, she succeeds in her mission in Plus belle la vie. She takes advantage of a moment of inattention to place his cellphone on tapping.

Ensuite, she goes to join Boher to listen to everything conversations between Bastien and Luna. But the two lovers don’t have much to say to each other. Still reeling from her lover’s dream, Luna seems on restraint. Which does not help the affairs of the police.

But Bastien doesn’t just have Luna to think about. His children have indeed decided to act. Certain that their mother died in Plus belle la vie, they erected an altar in her memory. Horrified, Bastien then decides to bring everyone together to explain himself.

Around the table, he faces his weeping children. And then decides to tell them the truth, their mother has been kidnapped. But Bastien seems sure of two things: she is not dead, and he knows the identity of the kidnapper.

Nothing to reassure his children… nor the police. Corn Bastien believes in it: he will free Elodie. How? ‘Or’ What ? He has to come up with a plan. But the police can now spy on all his actions.


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