More beautiful life: Lucie hides her anger against her little sister?

the sequel to Plus belle la vie is likely to cause a sensation among viewers. Lucie will be particularly angry with the baby.

The next episode of More beautiful life promises to be rich in twists and turns. Indeed, it seems that Lucie is ready to hide his anger against his little sister. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Attention, the article which will follow is likely to contain SPOILERS!

More beautiful life the success of France 3

Since 2004, More beautiful life thrills aficionados on Channel 3. Indeed, the series ofHubert Besson connects the intrigues with brio.

It has been more than 15 years that viewers have been conquered by the adventures that punctuate the daily life of the inhabitants of the Phocaean city.

And the least we can say is that the Marseillais have a thrilling life. Lately, the city was also in full Black-Out.

A terrible situation that has led southerners to many issues. Among them, Léa was indeed obliged to give birth to her daughter in a barn.

Without a doctor or nurse, Jean-Paul Boher’s companion gave birth with the help of Bilal, Noé and Betty in the previous episodes of More beautiful life. But while everything seemed to be fine, the newborn’s health deteriorated very quickly.

Quickly the young daddy then joins the hospital to find Vidal there. Bad luck, after having indicated that the little one had to be operated on urgently, the surgeon disappeared.

In panic, Jean-Paul began to search the premises. Estelle then gave him some advice. And luckily, the Doctor did reappear eventually.

All’s well That ends well. Aurore underwent her intervention and today she is much better. A chance for young parents who have experienced extraordinary stress. MCE TV tells you more about the intrigues of More beautiful life.

More beautiful life: Lucie hides her anger against her little sister?
More beautiful life: Lucie hides her anger against her little sister?

Lucie tries to hide her anger

But while the little girl is now safe and sound in More beautiful life, it seems that a whole new adventure is about to land. Indeed, according to the information posted online by France TV, Lucie will be very angry with her little sister.

However, she will try to hide it. This is in any case what seems to show a teasing video shared by the channel. In the pictures, we can see the little girl admiring the baby.

With a smile on her lips, she then asks Jean-Paul if she can take her in his arms. After a slight hesitation, the latter accepts. A few seconds later, the young girl is still near the cradle.

As she cradles the baby in More beautiful life, she starts to go faster and faster. Neither one nor two, Lea gives him a thought. ” You will make her vomit” , she says.

To which Lucie replies ” I didn’t realize … ” But that’s not all ! She will also present her doll collection to her little sister and in particular give her a very small object when her daddy had forbidden her for fear that Aurore might swallow it.

Angry after all these reprimands, Lucie is going to leave the room. It remains to be seen whether the young girl is really trying to harm the baby. Case to follow in More beautiful life…


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