More beautiful life: Laetitia draws the line on Valentin for good!

Nothing is going well between Laetitia and Valentin in “Plus belle la vie”. Indeed, Kevin’s mother learned that the latter was married to Debbie.

Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, Laetitia fell from the height to discover that Valentin was in fact married to his partner Debbie. After the shock of the news, the businessman goes having trouble regaining confidence. MCE TV shows you everything.

More beautiful life: Jacob wants to be careful

The intrigues follow one another in “Plus belle la vie”. Last I heard, Emma, ​​Baptiste, Barbara and César have all made their parachute jump.

However, it was not easy for Mathis’ mother. Indeed, Maxime, their instructor is a former client whom she has known in the past as an escort. And the latter is ready to do anything to go back to bed with her.

Recently in the saga, the young man has also tried to drug her to abuse her. Fortunately, Thomas’s daughter-in-law finally preferred to turn back thus avoiding a terrible mishap.

Even keeping this terrible secret to herself, Emma worries more and more his sister Camille.

Indeed, the pretty brunette feels that her eldest is hiding something from her. In the turmoil, Mathis’s aunt knows that she can confide in Jacob, his ex-torturer.

Victim of Stockholm Syndrome, Camille cannot be detached from him. And the criminal has indeed awareness of his hold on her.

Still wanted by the police, he even defies the prohibitions to live not far from his ex-captive. Jacob has even found a job at the Céleste. It is to say!

But the sweet life might soon stop for him. Indeed, a mysterious crow seems know their true identity. Worried, Laetitia’s colleague will certainly act to protect himself at all costs in the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”.

More beautiful life: Laetitia draws the line on Valentin for good!
More beautiful life: Laetitia draws the line on Valentin for good!

The double life of Valentin unveiled to Laetitia

Other characters in “Plus belle la vie” have seen better days. TO like Laetitia Belesta.

This summer, his daily life was not the most peaceful. Quite the contrary.

To begin with, she had to survive on an island abandoned by the French army after a terrible shipwreck. Surrounded by Fanny, Céline, Bilal, Claude and Romain, Valentin was not always easy.

In addition, the family Soubeyrand who lived there made them live a real hell. But the small group knew how to be very united!

But after countless twists and turns, Fanny was also able to discover the truth as for the disappearance of his progenitor.

Back in the Mistral, Laetitia is now trying to move forward. Jerome’s widow also gave news luck to her couple with Valentine.

But that she was not surprised to discover that her companion was in actually married to Debbie, his partner. It was also she who revealed the pot aux roses to Laetitia.

Imagine the shock! To defend himself, the totally distraught businessman confided that he had united with her on a whim during a drunken night in Las Vegas. And that was long before they met.

However, Laetitia is angry with him that he didn’t tell him the whole truth from the start … For her, their story is over! Case to be continued in “Plus belle la vie”.