More beautiful life: Kevin wins all the confidence of Camille!

The next episodes of Plus belle la vie will be placed under the sign of deception … Kevin will gradually gain Camille’s trust.

In Plus belle la vie, Camille fell into Kevin’s trap. The two protagonists are at the heart of a plot that is likely to be breathless … MCE TV tells you more.

Camille falls into Kevin’s trap

There is love in the air between Camille and Kevin… After having it saved from the aggression she suffered, the young man will insist on bringing the pretty brunette home.

The latter will therefore be very caring for the young woman who has just suffered a heavy assault in Marseille. The latter will promise the police to go to the police station the next day, although she is still in shock.

While Kevin confirms to his superiors that Camille bit the hook, the latter will communicate with Emma. To do this, she will borrow Maxime’s phone.

As AlloCiné reveals about Plus belle la vie, Camille is going to pretend to be him by saying that he has accepted a job in Hawaii. A well-crafted deception …

Meanwhile, Jacob will suspect Baptiste by asserting that he is his blackmailer, unlike Camille. The next day, the young woman will therefore go to the police station.

She will have to identify her attacker through photos strangers that Kevin is going to introduce him to. Faced with his inability to recognize him, Kevin will offer to do it alone and call him if ever something comes back to him. Back home, the young woman becomes obsessed with Kevin … A new love story in Plus belle la vie?

More beautiful life Kevin earns all the confidence of Camille
More beautiful life Kevin earns all the confidence of Camille

Kevin and Camille, a roller coaster relationship

Camille and Kevin are therefore in phase to become one of the leading couples in the Plus belle la vie series. And yet no one saw them coming.

However, between the two of them, the current has always gone well. The character of Kevin was very reassuring for the young woman, flayed

With the crow that threatens Jacob, Kevin decided to investigate. And it seems that his girlfriend, Camille is not insensitive to the charms of the Marseille police officer.

Emilie will therefore very quickly notice the change in behavior in his companion. But then, will this couple have a chance?

We remind you, Jacob is very possessive … For his part, Nebout therefore comes all just digesting Lea’s pregnancy, pregnant with Captain Boher. This couple could therefore create many emulators.

Four years ago, already, the character of Kevin had already succumbed to the charms of Camille. At the time, her ex, Jenny who was not cold in the eyes, had proposed a threesome, with him and Camille, precisely.

So, how will the relationship between Camille and Kevin evolve? The two protagonists that everything opposes will they end up getting together or will the policeman take some distance because of his investigation? Answer in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie.