More beautiful life: Kévin and Laetitia in full distress in the series!

Kevin at his worst in Plus belle la vie! Jacob has just killed two of his colleagues… And his reaction does not reassure his mother.

Kevin has not finished worrying Laëtitia in Plus belle la vie! While Jacob resumed his killing spree, the policeman feels in danger after the death of two of his colleagues. MCETV explains everything about a plot that could end very badly.

Jacob no longer controls himself

Car everyone thought Jacob dead… But the serial killer took over again. And even if Camille tries to calm him down, nothing helps. As he returns from the morgue, Kevin understands. This time, he is sure of himself: he is not an imitator.

With the modus operandi and the targets, there is indeed no longer any doubt. But Kevin begins to worry. Because the dead follow one another… And the profile of the victims begins to resemble each other in More beautiful life. And even to look like him.

Collapsed on the sofa, he dwells on the images he has just seen at the morgue. “The guy replaced me yesterday at the hideout…” Even if his mother realizes her son’s unhappiness, she can’t find the right words. “That’s awful… It could have been you…”

As disappointed as her son, she can’t show empathy. But this desire to hide her emotions in the face of danger risks turning against her in Plus belle la vie. “Stop with that! I know it could have been me! »

Kevin indeed feels Jacob’s breath on his neck. The victims look more and more like him. « The first is a classmate. He is my age…” Sitting on his sofa, the policeman replays the images. And dark thoughts turn.

More beautiful life: Kévin and Laetitia in full distress in the series!
More beautiful life: Kévin and Laetitia in full distress in the series!

Plus belle la vie: Kevin in danger?

“I’m suffocating. I can’t take it anymore. » Kevin snaps. After trying to calm down on the couch, he gets up. And even begins to dress. “Where are you going” throws his mother completely panicked. But the answer that she didn’t want falls. “At the police station. »

“No you’re resting there, then tries to reason with his mother. And you need rest. Let your colleagues do their job. » But the policeman seems more determined than ever in Plus belle la vie. He wants to catch the killer before he kills again.

” No mother. Jacob, I know him by heart. He’s a psychopath…” Sure of himself, he gets up and finishes getting dressed. Laëtitia, she burns her last cartridges and tries one last time to reason with him. ” I know. But the truth is, if you go back to the field, I won’t be easy. »

Nothing will help: Kevin has made his decision. He throws one last ” sorry ” to his mother, slide one ” I like you ” and returns to help his colleagues. A desire to help that could harm him… Because he could very well throw himself into the mouth of the wolf.

Camille still tries to calm Jacob down, but she won’t be able to stop him from going after Kevin for a long time. The young policeman shows courage. But he could also put himself in danger.


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