More beautiful life: Kalya finally ready to give up this white marriage?

Twists and turns are coming in “Plus belle la vie”! To protect Franck, Kalya will indeed give up their white marriage …

Soon in “More beautiful life”, Kalya will give up her white marriage with Franck … to everyone’s surprise. MCE TV shows you everything from A to Z.

More beautiful life: Abdel is in danger

“Plus belle la vie” continues to make the heyday of France 3. Latest news, the Fedala clan has seen better days!

For several days, Karim Fedala has been at its worst. Indeed, Elsa’s ex-companion is convinced that his son was killed because of him.

As a reminder this summer, it has plunged back into illicit business. The latter also thought that a rival had taken revenge by attacking Abdel … In reality, it is not.

The young man is still alive … But that he does not know yet! At the moment in “Plus belle la vie”, Abdel is doing his best to help Imene.

In exchange for his life, the lawyer pledged to him bring her daughter back to “jihad” in Syria. To succeed in his mission, Alison’s darling decided to get closer to radicalized men.

One thing leading to another, Boher’s ex-protégé will succeed in winning their trust. But Abdel is not completely reassured about its coverage …

Indeed, Barbara managed to find him. Just like Nisma!

In the turmoil, the young man hopes that they will keep their distance in the future. Unsurprisingly, Elsa’s ex-stepson wants to protect them.

But in the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”, countless unforeseen events will point the tip of their nose … Not sure that all this suits Abdel’s affairs!

Kalya wants above all to protect Franck

It’s no secret that Cupid often makes his own in “Plus belle la vie”. Lately, Delphine and Valentin had joined forces to make Laetitia and Franck jealous …

In plain sight, they ensured to spin the perfect love. But it was a decoy!

One thing leading to another, Kevin’s mother has finished by discovering the deception. Just like Noah’s dad who quickly fell back into his ex’s arms.

But the latter was not very discreet … Indeed, Meinard spy on her daily!

As a reminder, he was hired by the town hall to do cancel her white marriage to Kalya. Determined, Barrault’s sidekick has repeatedly threatened the young woman on this subject.

Panicked, she then decided to leave Marseille. Fortunately, Valentin and Laetitia managed to convince her to stay.

Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Franck and Kalya’s wedding will take place. D-day Meinard will however try to cancel their union… But in vain.

And that’s not all ! When exchanging his vows with Franck, Kalya will finally say… “no”. She refuses that the latter takes so many risks for her.

In addition, Kalya would like to have a love marriage one day. And she hopes the same for Franck. Case to be continued in “Plus belle la vie” …


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