More beautiful life: Jean-Paul Boher is threatened by a firearm!

New twist in “More beautiful life”! Indeed, Francis Soubeyrand will soon attack Jean-Paul Boher …

The twists are always there in More beautiful life. The latest news, Jean-Paul Boher will also confront the Soubeyrand family… Francis, the chief of the clan will also threaten him with a weapon. Shocking! MCE TV reveals everything to you.

More beautiful life: Imène finds her daughter

Every week, you are thousands to follow the daily life of Mistraliens in More beautiful life. For several days, one of the intrigues focused on Abdel Fedala unleashes passions.

In the past, it has also been kidnapped by Imene during a wedding. She wanted revenge on him after losing her husband.

In a pinch, Abdel finally convinced her to spare him. In exchange for his life, he also promised to bring back his daughter named Amina.

Marked by the tragic death of her father, the young woman decided to practice radical Islam. At the same time, she also distanced herself from her mother…

Risking his life, Karim’s son decided to get closer to a so-called “radicalized” mosque. Over time, the lawyer even managed to gain the trust of the “Salafist” leader, who knows Amina well.

At the same time, Nisma has also decided to help her tutor. And she successfully completed the mission!

Lately in Plife is beautiful, Amina who suffers from long illness was finally able to find her daughter. Bilal’s sister found the words to convince her to cancel her trip to Syria.

Imène, who is suffering from a long illness, was finally able “hug Amina in her arms”. A reunion rich in emotions!

More beautiful life: Jean-Paul Boher is threatened by a firearm!
More beautiful life: Jean-Paul Boher is threatened by a firearm!

Jean-Paul Boher has seen better days

For his mission, Abdel was able count on the support of Jean-Paul Boher! Indeed, Lucie’s dad never let go.

The two men have always had a great relationship. A few years ago in More beautiful life, the duo also lived together with Samia!

Boher considers Abdel as his son. Coming soon in fiction, he may need his support.

A few days before giving birth, Léa Nebout can’t stand much anymore. Moreover, Babeth’s daughter does not understand why her man is so invested in his work.

Daily, the young woman feels neglected. In the turmoil, she can happily count on her loved ones.

Soon in More beautiful life, a completely different family is in danger of acting up at the Mistral. And yes, it is the Soubeyrand clan!

Francis and his baby tribe want to do battle with the system. Especially with Marseille.

But it’s bad to know Boher who does his best to shine brilliantly in his work! If the ex of Ariane is intransigent as for the rules, it does not remain about it less sensitive…

And the cause of the Soubeyrands will at least intrigue him. During a sequence in More beautiful life, the two men will also be face to face. If they have things in common, everything separates them.

If Francis is going to threaten Jean-Paul with a gun… He will eventually spare her. To be continued !


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