More beautiful life: Fanny violently hits Christophe with a stone!

In the sequel to your favorite soap opera, “Plus belle la vie”, Fanny is going to attack her stepfather. Find out the reason in this article.

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”, Fanny is going to knock out her stepfather Christophe, using a stone. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Fanny is going to attack Christophe

As you probably know, Fanny is back on the island of the castaways, in “Plus belle la vie”. Indeed, the young woman seeks to understand how his father died.

And the least we can say is that she gets closer and closer to the truth. Alexander and Romain fished out the Crown of Dahomey near the rock. This is an essential element!

Following this find, Fanny plunged into the forest. This is where she got a flashback of the day of Jean-Jacques’ death. She then started screaming and asking her father’s killer to show up. Christophe, his stepfather, came out of his hiding place.

In the sequel to “Plus belle la vie”, the young woman will therefore confront him with what he has done. The latter will explain to him having killed his father out of love for Carmen. According to him, Jean-Jacques was not not at all present for his family.

But things will escalate very quickly. Christophe will try to snatch the crown of Dahomey from Fanny’s hands. But a shot will sound. Unintentionally, the stepfather will shoot his stepdaughter with a weapon, wounding her in the side.

Fanny’s instinct will be to knock her out with a stone. Warned by noise, Alexandre and Romain will join the young woman, who will explain the situation to them. MCE TV tells you more.

More beautiful life: Fanny violently hits Christophe with a stone!
More beautiful life: Fanny violently hits Christophe with a stone!

What will happen to Fanny in the sequel to “Plus belle la vie”?

After having told what happened, Fanny, Alexandre, Romain and the others will leave the island of the castaways. To tell the truth, they will not have no more reason to stay.

Most the young woman will not stop thinking. The latter will regret having believed in Christophe, her stepfather, during all this time.

She will also regret not having remembered the death of her father, Jean-Jacques. She will be able to count on the kind words of Laetitia, who will explain to her that it is normal that she does not remember anything. Indeed, Fanny suffered a trauma ! His head preferred to erase this dramatic episode from his memory.

In the sequel to “Plus belle la vie”, Fanny will also have very afraid to confess the whole truth to Carmen. It risks falling from a height.

When Fanny and the rest of the team arrived in Marseille, the one who killed his father will be arrested by the police. And the least we can say is that he deserved it.

In parallel, Claude will absolutely want to denounce Alexandre to stop the Soubeyran. However, Fanny and Romain will ask him not to say anything. Hope he hears reason.

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