More beautiful life: Emma really threatens Camille with death?

In “Plus belle la vie”, Emma will understand that Camille has a link with Baptiste’s disappearance. And she will never forgive him!

Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, Emma will discover that Camille is still in contact with Jacob. In the process, Mathis’s mother will also understand that her younger daughter is just as responsible for the disappearance of her man. Unsurprisingly, their relationship will implode! MCE TV shows you everything.

Kevin does his best to save Baptiste

Things are accelerating in “More beautiful life”. At the latest news, Kévin continues to carry out his mission to corner Jacob.

To do so, he therefore agreed to break with Emilie under the guidance of Patrick to get closer to Camille. In any case, all his efforts paid off.

Emma’s sister has blind faith in Kevin. One thing leading to another, the pretty brunette has confessed to him that she was still in contact with Jacob.

For her part, Emilie no longer wants to have anything with her ex. Which obviously makes unhappy the main concerned.

It remains to be seen if Lea’s sister will forgive her for her past actions when she finds the rose pot. Recently in “Plus belle la vie”, Kévin also learned that Baptiste had mysteriously disappeared.

And Laetitia’s son quickly realized it was possibly Jacob who had kidnapped it. In the turmoil, he will therefore do everything so that Camille gives him other clues so that he can save his friend.

In return, Mathis’s aunt lets him know that she wants to sleep with him. Something that Kevin will accept. Hurry up ! It remains to be seen if Baptiste will hold out between now and then …

Emma is going to strike Camille out of her life

As for Emma, ​​she is at its worst. Right now in “Plus belle la vie”, she is besides an ink blood because of Baptiste.

For several days, it is simply impossible to find. Never seen. Even Barbara does not know where he is… The height!

Plus, she also feels like she’s the only one worried about it. For example, Caesar tries to put the situation into perspective … What despairs her to the highest point.

What she does not know is that he is also responsible for this situation. Eh yes, he is the blackmailer who manipulates Jacob.

To seduce Emma in peace, Rochat’s nephew ordered to the criminal that he definitely gets rid of his rival. In the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”, the authorities end up putting pressure on Camille so that she opens up about Jacob.

And of course, Emma is going to fall from above when she finds out the horrible truth. Unsurprisingly, Mathis’ mother will be in shock!

She won’t understand her sister. At the police station, Thomas’s daughter-in-law will even threaten her of death if anything bad happened to Baptiste.

In the process, Céline Frémont’s colleague will also ask him to leave his home. And Emma will also tell him that she no longer wishes to be his tutor. A hard blow for Camille… To be continued!