More beautiful life: Emma plunges back into the hell of prostitution!

Painful moment for Emma in Plus belle la vie! While she left part of her story behind, here it comes back.

Emma’s past comes right back to her ! While she has weathered quite a storm, Mathis’ mother has found stability with Baptiste… But she is going to have a bad time in Plus belle la vie. MCETV tells you more!

A past that does not pass

Because years ago, Emma landed in the series on tiptoe. Ill at ease, she took a while to find her place. It was thus necessary to wait for the arrival of Alexandra to give her a hand.

But in the meantime, the young woman has plunged. Convinced that I can’t do anything with her life, she then falls into prostitution. After being paid several times by a friend for sex, she then turns it into a way to make money …

In a dead end, she finds herself paid by men. Corn some especially try to abuse her, to mistreat her. Fortunately for her in Plus belle la vie, Alexandra, another escort, gives him back her self-confidence.

Getting back on her feet, the young woman goes up the slope little by little. Then follows all the story that fans know. Emma falls in love with Baptiste, then pregnant right after. They keep the little one, whom they call Mathis …

Most Baptiste never knew about the prostitute’s past of his wife. At least until the last few days. Because the noose tightens around Emma in Plus belle la vie. All this for a small bet between friends that could go wrong.

With Baptiste, César and Barbara, she took up a challenge to make a dream come true: that of parachuting. As always, Caesar tries to de-stress everyone by making a few jokes. But everyone looks in panic.

More beautiful life: Emma plunges back into the hell of prostitution!
More beautiful life: Emma plunges back into the hell of prostitution!

More beautiful life: above all, never reveal anything …

One person seems more panicked than others at the idea of ​​parachuting: Emma. On the nerves, the young woman seems to listen to the instructions only half. She is scared, and it shows… But maybe not for the right reasons.

Her friends think that jumping stresses her out. But the concern is more with the instructor. As they arrive on the base, he insists to Emma that he knows her. However, she has no memory of him in Plus belle la vie …

After having explained all the pre-training instructions, the instructor gets to have an aside with Emma. He then reveals to her thathe has been one of his clients in the past. When she prostituted herself to earn money.

The images then return to Emma. But above all he has one problem: Baptiste does not know it. No more than Caesar and Barbara. We must therefore silence this monitor at all costs, to prevent her from having to come back to these terrible moments.

The instructor promises him, he won’t say anything. But the young woman, who thought about this deeply buried past, has just realized that she is not the only one to remember it in Plus belle la vie: her clients still know things, and they still live in Marseille.


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