More beautiful life: Diane Robert has already played in the series of France 3!

Diane Robert and her darling Avy Marciano have long played together in the famous series of France 3: “Plus belle la vie”.

Diane Robert and Avy Marciano met on the set of “Studio Sud”. They then shot in “Plus belle la vie”, on France 3. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Diane Robert did indeed play in “Plus belle la vie”

For years now, Avy Maciano has been one of the emblematic actors of “Plus belle la vie”. As you probably know, the latter embodies the character of Sacha Malkavian.

But beware, that’s not all. Know that his darling also played in “Plus belle la vie”, while he was already an actor in the series. Indeed, Diane Robert lent her features to Caroline Fave, the Mistral shrink, from 2014 to 2018.

The young woman then played in other movies and series such as “Host family”, “Commissioner Magellan”, “Joséphine Ange Gardien”, “The Intern”, “The shadows of the past”, “Until death unites us”, “Cain” or ” The legacy ”.

However, and since 2021, she has played Alice Gaissac in the soap opera “Here everything begins” on TF1. Eh yes, she competes with her darling since she no longer works for the same TV channel. This does not prevent the two lovers from loving each other more than anything. MCE TV tells you more.

A very passionate love

Although one plays in “Plus belle la vie” (France 3) and the other in “Here everything begins” (TF1), this does not prevent Avy Maciano and Diane Robert from loving each other more than anything.

The proof yesterday. The young woman addressed him a message full of tenderness, on his Instagram account, on the occasion of his birthday. Thus, in the caption of a series of photos, she writes: “My love… 49 birthdays including 25 by your side! And always the most beautiful and the most charming of smiles. The one who literally ‘struck me down’ when we met in 1996 !!! The lightning has not stopped burning since… Love you… Happy birthday my angel… ”. Well say so! It’s really too cute!

As you can imagine, Internet users could not help but wish a happy birthday to the actor of “Plus belle la vie” and ofadmire the couple for their beautiful love story.

“But what beauty! Eternal lightning !! Very nice birthday Avy !! “, ” Magnificent couple ! Happy birthday to your loving husband! “,” You two are just beautiful ! I wish you more happiness and many years together… ”, can we thus read.

But that’s not all. “What a statement !!! “,” You are a wonderful couple ! The love that binds you is so beautiful and pure. Happy birthday ! “, ” What elegance ! “,” Very beautiful message of love! “, ” You are beautiful ! »,« But what a moving declaration! “, they also wrote.

As you will have understood, this flagship couple of TV is highly appreciated by French viewers. It only remains for us to wish, too, much happiness to Diane Robert (Here everything begins) as well as to Avy Maciano (More beautiful life). And let it last as long as possible.


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