More beautiful life: Delphine and Franck finally move in together!

The sequel to Plus belle la vie is likely to win unanimous support from viewers. Delphine and Franck will move in together.

The next episode of More beautiful life promises to be rich in emotions. Indeed, it seems that Delphine and Franck are about to move in together. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Attention, the article which will follow is likely to contain SPOILERS!

The writers of Plus belle la vie give their all

It has been over 15 years since More beautiful life delighted fans on the small screen. And for good reason ! The creation of Hubert Besson connects the intrigues brilliantly.

Every night of the week, the writers do this live extraordinary adventures to the protagonists. And this, to the delight of viewers.

Lately, aficionados have also had to recover very quickly of the death of an emblematic character. Indeed, Grant Lawrens (Caesar) has indeed said goodbye to More beautiful life.

But hardly had the faithful had time to forget the young man whena new drama was happening in the streets of the Phocaean city.

Abdel has disappeared. Several weeks ago, he then agreed toaccompany Nisma to her cousin’s wedding. Bad luck, he was not convinced by the ceremony.

And far from wanting to keep his feelings to himself, he did not hesitate to open his heart. A behavior that the teenager very quickly condemned. Neither one nor two, she then got carried away.

And since this dispute, Karim’s son is nowhere to be found. But while the production had teased the death of the handsome brunette, this one is finally alive and well.

He was notably kidnapped for a story of revenge. Now free, he is preparing to embark on a perilous mission. Save Amina from the clutches of a terrorist network. MCE TV tells you more about the intrigues of More beautiful life !

More beautiful life: Delphine and Franck finally move in together!
More beautiful life: Delphine and Franck finally move in together!

Delphine and Franck happier than ever

If Abdel is about to to embark on a dangerous project, it seems that the other characters of More beautiful life be rather happy.

Delphine and Valentin live in particular on a small cloud. And for the simple reason that they are finally going to move in together.

A video uploaded to France TV has just teased the new plot from More beautiful life. In the images, we can see the couple on the terrace of a cafe.

Annoyed by the presence of her spouse’s phone, the pretty redhead takes her hands. The reason ? She intends to show him the ad for a house to rent.

Eh yes ! Delphine is well and truly convinced that it is time to take a step forward in their relationship. A decision that seems to suit Franck completely.

But before embarking on a new project, he must first settle his son’s stories. For her part, her partner tells her that she has already signed. That’s a good thing done.

In any case, one thing is certain, is that the two lovebirds are in heaven. Case to follow in the continuation of More beautiful life


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